Software: PVM-A250 v2.0

  • 2017 M09 8, Fri


It is highly recommended that the firmware update is performed by a specialist engineer.

• Before starting the upgrade, verify that the power and Ethernet cables are well connected
• Make sure SLEEP mode is NOT active on the computer
• Make sure there are NO INTERRUPTIONS once the firmware update has started
• DO NOT POWER OFF the monitor whilst performing the firmware update

If any of these recommendations are not observed, permanent damage may occur to the monitor and it will have to be sent back to a service centre for repair. Logistic and service costs will not be covered by the warranty.

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PVM-A250 v2.0
Element: PVM-A250_SOFT_200_FPGA_140_15_UPDATE_Package
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Element: EULA_of_Monitor_Update_PVM-A250_A170_LMD-A240_A220_A170.pdf
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Element: PVM-A_LMD-A_Monitor_Firmware_update_procedure(V2).pdf
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Element: Release Notes for the PVM_LMD-A_V2.pdf
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