Software: PVM-A / LMD-A series : Monitor Update Utility V1.1

  • Version: v.1.1
  • 2014 M11 5, Wed

Monitor_Update is a PC software application for updating the software and the FPGA of multiple monitors at the same time. Refer to the User Guide for further information.

NOTE: Monitor_Update is only compatible with Windows 7 and higher (refer to User Guide for system requirements).

Progress of monitor software update can be checked by clicking the FILE icon and selecting the DISPLAY LOG function.

DO NOT LEAVE the computer in SLEEP MODE, DO NOT STOP the procedure and DO NOT POWER OFF the monitor whilst performing the firmware update, otherwise permanent damage may occur to the monitor and it will have to be sent back to a service centre for repair.

Gilt für: :
LMD-A170LMD-A220LMD-A240PVM-A170PVM-A250LMD-A240 v2.0LMD-A220 v2.0LMD-A170 v2.0PVM-A170 v2.0PVM-A250 v2.0
Element: Monitor_Update User Guide V1.1
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Element: Monitor_Update V1.1
Seitenverhältnis: 4.2 MB
Informationen: Windows (refer to User Guide for system requirements)
Element: Monitor_Update EULA
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Element: PVM-A / LMD-A Monitor Firmware upgrade procedure (V1.10 / V1.12)
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