UNI-IRL7C2 (UNIIRL7C2)Eingestellt

Clear Indoor vandal resistant housing


Vandal resistant indoor camera housing designed for SNC-RZ30N dome cameras
The Sony UNI-IRL7C2 7-inch Vandal-Resistant Indoor Housing (Clear) is designed to offer extra protection to the Sony's RZ series Dome Cameras. The upper part of the housing is constructed of plastic while the lower dome is made of thermoplastic polycarbonate material.
Light weight and strong
Polycarbonate Dome. Upper body of the 7-inch (177.8mm) housing is made of plastic, it weighs 3kg. Strong cast aluminium trim ring.


Voltage feed
24 VAC power supply for camera operations (electronics not included).
Rugged vandal-resistant construction
Dome shell is constructed of an injection moulded 0.118” (3 mm) thick, optically clear thermoplastic polycarbonate.
Designed for discreet surveillance, the housing is equipped with a clear lower dome that helps in maximum light transmission.
Easy connection
Pendant mount, 1.5-inch NPT quick connect coupling.