Five ways to impress clients with smart workplace technology

Most people are used to showstopping technology these days. What they really want is something that actually makes their lives easier and fuller.

The things that matter

For every flashy new gadget, there’s a deeper desire for connection and collaboration. This is true of both our personal and professional lives—the only difference is that in the workplace, profits are on the line. Clients crave attention and engagement. And they expect efficient service that makes them feel looked after. If a customer feels their time is being wasted, they won’t delay in looking elsewhere.

Here are five ways that smart workplace technology can help workplaces wow clients in the ways that matter…

1. Say hello to your virtual receptionist

Sometimes it’s difficult to justify the expense of a dedicated receptionist. Even businesses lucky enough to have a person on the front desk can find they struggle to efficiently check in visitors at peak times, especially when distracted by lengthy queries and incoming calls. Waiting in line doesn’t exactly make clients feel special.

TEOS Reception ensures there’s always a welcoming presence on your front desk. Sony’s virtual receptionist speeds up the check-in process, ensuring your guests receive a fast and friendly greeting while providing welcome relief to any customer-facing staff.

Clients can sign in and out seamlessly, without having to speak to a receptionist. Rather than hanging around for front desk staff to get hold of hosts, the virtual receptionist automatically notifies employees of their guests’ arrival by email or text. For added professionalism, the sleek tablets can be customised with your brand to create a lasting first impression.

2. Engage your guests with digital signage

Give visitors something to check out when they check in. Digital signage enables you to create a dynamic environment with endless possibilities to surprise, delight and direct your guests.

With TEOS Manage, businesses can trigger welcome videos or animations, with the option to generate a personalised greeting for every visitor—a nice touch for VIPs. As well as brightening up your clients’ days, digital signage can also help them get to where they need to be with dynamic wayfinding.

3. Avoid meeting room embarrassment

Meetings depend on getting everyone in the same space at the same time. Simple. But with busy schedules and travel arrangements to consider, this can be tough to pull off at the best of times. Throw tricky technology into the mix and you have a time-draining headache on your hands. Then there’s the all-round embarrassment when an important client meeting is interrupted 10 minutes in because the room was already booked.

TEOS Book diffuses room booking battles and makes sure your business uses space to the fullest. Interactive tablets outside each room, synced up to your centralised booking system, allow employees to identify which areas are reserved and for how long. When a room becomes available, it instantly appears on the system and outside the room itself for all to see. This helps to maximise room usage and encourage occupants to be more productive with their publicly visible time slot.

4. Enable interactive collaboration in meetings

Inspiration doesn’t wait for the right input. When a good idea strikes, the last thing you want to be doing is stumbling through masses of wires trying to connect your laptop, or trying to huddle around someone’s screen.

The best meetings just flow. Everyone is in tune and immersed in the problem, able to share their opinions and insights instantly—supported by the right visuals at the right time. That’s where TEOS Connect comes in. The intuitive system enables employees and visitors to wirelessly mirror content to meeting room displays from their own devices. It’s low-latency collaboration for truly smart working.

5. Provide the best possible experience by capturing data

Businesses analyse customer behaviour all the time, especially online. How many capture useful data on premises? Using TEOS Manage, companies can tap into data created in TEOS Reception to learn more about their customers and optimise their service.

Tech-enabled personalisation can go a long way. For businesses that want to be seen as innovators, a customised greeting or client-specific reference on your digital displays is sure to resonate.

Capturing contact details at reception can help your marketing department keep in touch with new contacts and develop relationships. And if a visitor has checked in before, the system can auto-fill their data to make the sign-in process even faster. Plus knowing when customers tend to arrive can help businesses plan resource for busy periods.

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