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Full-frame digital cinema camera with phenomenal colour science and creative versatility.

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An ultra-wide colour space, full-frame flexibility and a high-speed read-out for LED synch make VENICE ideal for Virtual Production.

Reliable partner for creativity

VENICE is a cinema camera created by and for the cinematographer. It’s equipped with a newly developed full-frame image sensor meeting the needs of the film industry in pushing the boundaries of large format image capture with exceptional picture quality.

Beautiful image

Satisfied with the current condition? With the wide latitude and gamut recorded by the VENICE, freedom of expression is significantly expanded in grading and based on established workflow.

José Luis Alcaine talks his work with iconic directors such as Brian De Palma and Pedro Almodóvar, as well as why he chose VENICE for Parallel Mothers.
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Simple and intuitive

Usability and reliability of the camera is one of the major concerns for operators especially in tough or time critical filming conditions. With a user-friendly design, clear and simple menu navigation, and a highly durable, reliable construction, using VENICE you can simply concentrate on filming, and not the camera.

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36x24mm Full-Frame Sensor for Cinema

VENICE is equipped with a 36x24mm full-frame image sensor, designed specifically for high end cinematography, and can capture images up to a maximum resolution of 6048 x 4032. By switching imager modes, VENICE can natively support Super35 24.3 x 18.0mm, 4096 x 3024 resolution (equivalent to 4-perforation motion picture film) and Super35 24.3 x 12.8mm, 4096 x 2160 resolution (equivalent to 3-perforation motion picture film). In other words, VENICE’s new full-frame sensor can capture in almost any format, including full 18mm-height Super35 Anamorphic and spherical and full-frame 24mm-height Anamorphic and spherical. Almost any aspect ratio can be conjured up: 1.85:1, 2.39:1, 17:9, the list goes on in full-frame or Super35.

With VENICE, Sony is giving users the option to customize their camera by only enabling the features as needed, according to individual production requirements. Licenses are available to expand the camera’s capabilities including 4K anamorphic and 6K full-frame.

Close-up of VENICE full-frame image sensor

Creative Freedom

Full-Frame Full width 36 mm 6K

In full-frame, you can use the full 6048 pixel width of the sensor for widescreen spherical 2.39:1 or Large Format Scope. Full-Frame can be used creatively in a number of ways – for example, to allow for extra shallow depth of field or super-wide shooting.

Super35 full height 2.0x squeeze Anamorphic

For anamorphic shooting and production, Super35 full height 2x squeeze anamorphic is supported.

Super35 17:9 and 16:9

These popular imager sizes are natively supported by VENICE. Current Super35mm PL mount lenses can be used.

Diagram showing supported imager modes for VENICE digital cinema camera

VENICE Sensor Modes

Software LicenseImager modeResolutionW X H (mm)Project Frame RateSelect FPSSelect FPS w/HFR License
License not Required*3.8K 16:93840 x 216022.8 x 12.823, 24, 25, 29, 47, 50, 591 - 6066, 72, 75, 88, 90, 96, 100, 110****
License not Required*3.8K 16:9

(Surround View)

3840 x 2160

(4268 x 2400)

22.8 x 12.8

(25.4 x 14.3)

23, 25, 25, 29, 471 - 48-
License not Required*4K 2.39:14096 x 171624.3 x 10.323, 24, 25, 29, 47, 50, 591 - 6066, 72, 75, 88, 90, 96, 100, 110, 120
License not Required*4K 17:94096 x 216024.3 x 12.823, 24, 25, 29, 47, 50, 591 - 6066, 72, 75, 88, 90, 96, 100, 110
License not Required*4K 17:9

(Surround View)

4096 x 2160

(4552 x 2400)

24.3 x 12.8

(27.0 x 14.3)

23, 24, 25, 29, 47, 50**, 59**1 - 48-
Anamorphic License4K 4:34096 x 302424.3 x 18.0 23, 24, 25, 29, 47, 50**, 59**1 - 4849-60, 66, 72, 75
Anamorphic License4K 4:3

(Surround View)

4096 x 3024

(4552 x 3360)

24.3 x 18.0

(27.0 x 20.0)

23, 24, 25, 291 - 30-
Anamorphic License4K 6:54096 x 343224.3 x 20.423, 24, 25, 291 - 3031-60, 66, 72****
Full-Frame License*5.7K 16:95674 x 319233.7 x 19.023, 24, 25, 291 - 3031-60, 66, 72****
Full-Frame License*6K 2.39:16048 x 253435.9 x 15.023, 24, 25, 29, 47***, 50***, 59***1 - 3031-60, 66, 72, 75, 88, 90
Full-Frame License*6K 17:96054 x 319236.0 x 19.023, 24, 25, 29, 47***, 50***, 59***1 - 3031-60, 66, 72
Full-Frame License*6K 1.85:16054 x 327236.0 x 19.423, 24, 25, 29, 47***, 50***, 59***1 - 3031-60, 66, 72
Full-Frame License*6K 3:26048 x 403235.9 x 24.023, 24, 25, 29**, 47***, 50***, 59***1 - 2526-60

* The Anamorphic license is required to enable ratio setting, other than Off(1.0x), for the de-squeeze function.
** When a High Frame Rate (HFR) License is activated,
*** When a High Frame Rate (HFR) License is activated. And AXS recording is supported, but AXS playback is not supported on the unit.
**** Requires Firmware Version 6.0 or higher

The IMAX Experience® with VENICE

The VENICE Digital Motion Picture Camera was created out of intense dialogue with cinematographers to capture stunning visuals in almost any format, including full frame 36x24mm, Super35 and Anamorphic. It is also certified for the ‘Filmed in IMAX’ program due to its stunning imaging quality and integration with IMAX proprietary post-production workflow process. The IMAX program provides best practice guidelines to take advantage of each cameras’ highest possible capture qualities and settings in order to maximize The IMAX Experience® – including IMAX’s exclusive expanded aspect ratio.

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VENICE Extension System 2

The CBK-3620XS VENICE Extension System 2 allows for new levels of shooting flexibility with no compromise to image quality. Developed alongside VENICE 2 it offers wider bandwidth to support the VENICE 2’s 8K sensor, over twice as much cable distance (up to 12m) without a repeater box, additional control buttons and a built-in gyro sensor.

The Extension System consists of a front panel cover, image sensor block case with a choice of 3m and 12m extension cables. The new Extension System is fully compatible with VENICE 2 using the 8K or 6K sensors with latest firmware. It is also compatible with the original VENICE using latest firmware, including gyro sensor and four assignable buttons.

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High Frame Rate

The optional High Frame Rate license allows VENICE to shoot at speeds of up to 120fps at 4K 2.39:1, and 60fps at 6K 3:2 as well as up to 110fps at 4K 17:9, 90fps at 6K 2.39:1, 72fps at 6K 17:9, 72fps at 6K 1.85:1 and 75fps at 4K 4:3 with anamorphic license.

Fast shutter

VENICE’s high speed readout sensor minimises the jello effect typical in CMOS sensors.

Phenomenal latitude

VENICE has an exceptional 15+ stops of latitude, with low noise for extraordinary performance in delivering phenomenal images in conditions from searing sunlight to almost no light. VENICE’s real-world performance also excels at High Dynamic Range imaging and allows unprecedented creative freedom in grading.

More colours for more expression

VENICE can exceed Rec. 2020 colour space. This means the colour range is wider than DCI-P3 and can beautifully reproduce the true colour of the scene in front of your lens. This also provides the broad palette in the grading suite using the established workflow of Sony’s third-generation LOG gamma encoding (S-Log3), and ultra-wide colour space.

Dual Base ISO

VENICE has a base ISO of 500 to provide the optimal dynamic range for typical cinematography applications with on-set lighting. A secondary High Base ISO of 2500 excels in low-light High Dynamic Range capture, with an exposure latitude from 6 stops over to 9 stops under 18% Middle Gray, for a total of 15 stops. High Base ISO 2500 is ideal whenever you’re using slow lenses or shooting dimly lit environments. Combining ISO2500 with VENICE’s internal eight-step Optical ND filter system offers the ability to emulate different ISO’s while maintaining maximum latitude of +6 and -9 stops, enabling you to use VENICE as an ISO1250 camera.

Diagram showing VENICE dynamic range at ISO 500 setting
ISO 500
Diagram showing VENICE dynamic range at ISO 2500 setting
ISO 2500
Lens mount flexibility
PL lens mount

VENICE comes with the industry-standard PL lens mount. It is compatible with all Super35 and full-frame PL lenses, spherical and anamorphic. The lens mount includes contacts that support Cooke/i Technology. Lens information is recorded as metadata frame by frame.

Lever lock type E-mount

Choose from the growing eco-system of E-mount lenses and, via third party adaptors, the world of SLR and rangefinder lenses. Lever lock operation provides added security with large lenses and in most cases lens support rigs don’t need to be removed when changing lens. Switching from PL Mount to E-mount is can be done by simply removing six hex screws while E-mount lens iris operation is controllable via assignable button.

Anamorphic look

VENICE’s support for anamorphic lenses combined with its ability to shoot 4:3 and 6:5 aspect ratio at a horizontal resolution of 4K allows the capture of breathtakingly beautiful images with stunning lens flare, bokeh and emotional impact.

An autumn forest scene illustrates capability of VENICE's 6K sensor

6K high resolution

The stunning full 6K resolution of the camera can be recorded directly in X-OCN (16 bit eXtended tonal range Original Camera Negative) file format. Also, XAVC 4K can be captured onto SxS cards while still sampling from the full 6K resolution of the sensor.

CAD diagrams showing robust internal structure of VENICE camera

Engineered to survive

VENICE’s chassis is engineered to be amazingly robust and has been rigorously tested in the harshest conditions. Its ventilation system is completely isolated from all electronic components to prevent ingress of dust, sand and splash. The silent-running fan can be cleaned or even swapped out on set quickly and easily.

Easily configurable

The VENICE and VENICE 2 have a fully modular design and even the sensor block is removable. This allows filmmakers to separate the sensor from camera body with the Camera Extension System*. VENICE 2 owners have the ability to change between the original 6K sensor or the all-new 8K sensor, similar to film stock. In order to improve ergonomic balance for operators, the top handle and viewfinder are easily adjustable. As the height of the camera from the bottom to the optical sensor of the lens mount is the same as the F55, base plates and other accessories used for the F55 can be used with VENICE. The AXS-R7 recorder can be attached to VENICE with just four screws.

  • Camera Extension System (CBK-3610XS and CBK-3620XS) gives you flexibility for many mounting setups to VENICE
VENICE camera showing modular elements including two different example viewfinder options.
CAD diagram showing VENICE's servo-controlled ND filter mechanism

World’s first 8-step mechanical ND Filters*

VENICE is the world’s first camera of its class with a servo-controlled 8-step mechanical ND filter mechanism built into the camera chassis. It offers a massive ND of 0.3 (1/2 = 1 stop) to ND2.4 (1/256 = 8 stops) range that reduces time lost on set changing external filters. The ND filters also greatly increase VENICE’s flexibility when being controlled remotely on drones and cranes, or in an underwater housing.

*Based on Sony market research.

Intuitive and familiar on-set operation


VENICE has control displays on both sides of the camera, with the main control display on the camera outside for fast access to the camera settings by the camera assistant while shooting. The camera operator’s OLED mini display allows intuitive control of commonly accessed features such as ND filter, shutter, FPS, White Balance and Exposure Index. The control interface is an all-new design based on extensive researches with camera operators.

Close-up of VENICE's Assistant Display screen
Assistant display
Close-up of VENICE's Operator Display screen
Operator display

Camera Simulator

Sony’s VENICE Camera Simulator is an interactive training tool that represents the CineAlta camera’s menu-driven user interface.

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Precision Monitoring Performance
Illustration of VENICE's precision viewfinder
High Resolution Magnification

High resolution content requires highly precise focus. VENICE offers up to 4.0x Dot-by-Dot magnification of the viewfinder image for superb focus accuracy.

Diagram showing Surround View for VENICE camera operators
Surround View (Look Around)

Camera operators always appreciate a warning when mic booms or other distractions
threaten to enter the frame. Using Surround View mode, the viewfinder and on-set monitors can display a 5% margin around area being recorded.

NOTE: Surround View is available on 3.8K 16:9, 4K 17:9 and 4K 4:3 imager modes on VF, SDI 3/4 and HD Monitor outputs. Maximum supported frame rates are up to 29.97fps (project) and 48fps (variable).

Next generation viewfinder

The DVF-EL200 was created as the perfect partner for VENICE. A 1920 x 1080 OLED panel enables precise, high resolution focusing and framing, including False Colour Display at the touch of a button. A rotary encoder provides instant access to brightness, peaking and contrast. An all-new ergonomic design allows for tool-free attachment/detachment and reconfiguring within seconds. The industry-standard LEMO connector offers exceptional durability.

Side view of VENICE motion picture camera

Forward development

Sony is committed to extending the capability of VENICE with powerful system upgrades based on ongoing discussions with filmmakers.

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High performance, proven recording formats

VENICE offers complete production flexibility. Internally, VENICE can support XAVC, ProRes or MPEG HD recording onto SxS memory card. Additionally, by using the AXS-R7 recorder, it can record 16 bit RAW or X-OCN (16-bit eXtended tonal range Original Camera Negative) onto AXS memory card.

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XAVC is the highest-performing implementation of H.264/AVC intra-frame coding. It supports 4K with superb efficiency and beautiful 10-bit pictures. Naturally, VENICE supports XAVC Class480, which is the highest bitrate and quality available.

Apple ProRes

Apple ProRes including ProRes 422 proxy formats are popular in postproduction, and are supported by VENICE. This means there’s no need for transcoding; you can simply handle these formats directly from the camera.



This ultimate 16-bit linear RAW format preserves all the information captured in 4K, with 16 times more tonal values than 12-bit RAW.

X-OCN – 16-bit eXtended tonal range Original Camera Negative

Full 4K and 6K resolution, with extraordinary colour reproduction, nicely suits Sony’s third generation colour development, S-Gamut 3. In particular, 16-bit scene linear tonal gradation retains the camera’s full dynamic range, with far greater capacity for visual expression than 10-bit or 12-bit digital formats. 16-bit X-OCN offers significant file size reduction, which make working with full resolution content from VENICE’s 6K sensor far more practical in terms of file transfer times and storage requirements.

And X-OCN XT captures the highest quality imagery when using the AXS-R7 portable memory recorder. X-OCN XT is ideal for demanding visual effects work and productions requiring the utmost image quality from VENICE. The new X-OCN XT profile maintains economical file sizes comparable to Sony’s RAW file size, making the workflow affordable and efficient. In comparing X-OCN with Sony’s RAW format, X-OCN has superior reproduction in low light areas and high light areas. In VENICE’s 4K 17:9 imager mode, users will have the flexibility to record three X-OCN profiles (XT, ST, LT) and Sony RAW.

ART (Advanced Rendering Transform) file workflow

Introduced with V6 firmware, .ART files offer superior image quality, fewer artifacts and enhanced security compared to 3D LUTs. They can be used when shooting in X-OCN/RAW and XAVC/ProRes.

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Left image show illuminated blue and red bulbs with simulated artifacting
Right images show illuminated blue and red bulbs without artifacting

VENICE 3D LUT image (left) and .ART image (right).

Picture Shop Look Collection

The Picture Shop Look Collection for VENICE allows anyone to add the artistry and experience of world-leading colorists to their VENICE productions. Free downloads of LUT (Look Up Table) files can be used for on-set monitoring, as well as be applied in post-production. Also included are .ART files, Sony’s new proprietary file format, which offers enhanced performance compared to 3D LUTs.

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Composite image representing Technicolor looks custom created to leverage VENICE’s colour science
ACES logo


ACES is a free, open, device-independent colour management and image interchange system that can be applied to almost any current or future workflow. It was developed by hundreds of the industry’s top scientists, engineers and end users, working together under the auspices of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Sony is committed to supporting ACES-based workflows in the highest quality possible.

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Simultaneous recording for faster workflow

A key benefit of VENICE is simultaneous recording using two recording media. For example, a production could use RAW/X-OCN data recorded by AXS-R7 for online editing and also use XAVC, Apple ProRes or MPEG HD for offline editing without waiting for any file conversion. As VENICE can also record XAVC 4K and RAW/X-OCN* simultaneously, another option would be to use XAVC 4K for quick turnaround mainstream production while using simultaneously recording RAW/X-OCN as a future-proof archive suitable for the highest quality HDR applications.

Even without using AXS-R7, VENICE itself can record XAVC 4K and Apple ProRes 422 Proxy* simultaneously. VENICE is designed to support both the highest quality imagery and high speed workflows.

Side-view of VENICE camera
Side-view of VENICE camera with AXS-R7 recorder fitted

Internal recording

XAVC 4KHD ProRes Proxy

With optional AXS-R7


*Fixed FPS only

Powerful tools for colour management and on-set workflow

Catalyst Browse and the RAW Viewer are free software downloads for colour grading and transcoding capabilities that work in close alignment with third-party colour grading applications and also with non-linear editing systems.

4K Monitor Out

6G/12G-SDI switchable output enabling single 4K SDI output during RAW/X-OCN and HD simultaneous recording using a single BNC cable to simplify on-set operations.

For highest quality on-set monitoring, Sony’s PVM-X1800 and PVM-X2400 TRIMASTER 4K HDR monitors offer precision reproduction at ultra-high definition with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and an impressive brightness of all-white luminance of 1000 cd/m2. To empower filmmakers to make critical imaging decisions, their wide colour gamut matches the industry-leading BVM-HX310 TRIMASTER HX master monitor. The PVM X Series are highly portable to support 4K HDR production for applications such as on-set monitoring for a DIT cart and/or Video village.

VENICE camera with remote control unit.

Paint Control from RM/RCP Units

The unit supports control from an RM/RCP panel that can be used with broadcast camcorders and system cameras. When connected, ITU-R Rec. 2020 color space and HLG are selectable and adjustment of various paint parameters is supported.

VENICE 2 cameras

Discover VENICE 2

Full-frame digital cinema camera with internal X-OCN recording and choice of 8K and 6K sensors.


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