Sony at MEDICA 2018

Innovation in medical imaging

Smart integrated clinical imaging solutions

Join us on Stand H57 in Hall 10 at MEDICA from 12-15 November and experience innovative solutions that enhance hospitals’ imaging workflow in Full HD, 4K and HDR. Alongside NUCLeUS™, we’re showing our latest product highlights for image capture, display and documentation.

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Experience NUCLeUS™ at MEDICA

A MEDICA must-see, NUCLeUS™ is our video-over-IP platform that enhances hospital-wide medical image workflow. Scalable and vendor neutral, NUCLeUS™ streamlines the display, recording and distribution of surgical images with uncompromised quality and exceptional flexibility.

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New at MEDICA: innovation in 4K, HD and HDR

There’s a wealth of imaging innovation on show this year at MEDICA.

Product highlights include our brand-new 3-chip CMOS Full HD medical camera that supports HDR and takes sensitivity to the next level.

Next, is our attractively-priced new 27-inch 4K surgical monitor. It outperforms conventional displays with clearer detail, wide colour gamut, high contrast and 800 cd/m2 panel brightness – ideal for viewing surgical content from an HDR camera. Our unique upscaling technology allows the monitor to display content from HD modalities and cameras as well.

After a recent firmware update, the HVO-4000MT 4K 3D medical video recorder now features DICOM Modality Worklist support and an HD input.

We’re also demonstrating the benefits of our 4K and 3D imaging workflow in real-world surgical applications.

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Hot Products at MEDICA this year

Visit our stand to see our product range in action.

Take a tour around the specific application areas and get hands-on demonstrations with our team of experts.

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4K3D adds clarity to surgical procedures

We’re continuing to lead the way with our innovative 4K3D surgical imaging solutions. This year we’re showcasing the potential of 4K3D image acquisition in a variety of applications. Currently under development, we’re showing our advanced technology inside the world’s first native 4K 3-chip external camera designed for use in the Operating Room with surgical microscopes.

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Documenting every detail

Clinicians worldwide depend on our reliable, high-performance medical recorders and printers to enhance ultrasound and surgical workflows. Find out how we’re supporting hospitals in a wide range of training and education applications with our documentation solutions.

We’re also showing our space-saving wireless printing solution on the stand – that allows convenient, cable-free connection between a modality and off-cart printer.

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For training and education: looking to the future

Virtual Reality (VR) offers exciting possibilities to enhance the quality of medical training and education. This year we showcase our proof-of-concept solution to demonstrate the application of VR. Furthermore, we highlight our NUCLeUS™ smart application ‘Telestration’. Together, these powerful tools could help surgeons and other clinical staff across the hospital campus.

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