VENICE 2 8K X-OCN Download

April 3, 2023

VENICE 2 8K and X-OCN: the perfect partnership

A key benefit of the VENICE camera family is its use of X-OCN (eXtended tonal range Original Camera Negative). This recording format gives you all the benefits of a raw workflow but without huge file sizes normally associated with uncompressed raw. It takes everything that the sensor captures and uses a clever encoding process to store that information in a user friendly, compact, 16-bit MXF file.  This is particularly beneficial for 8K and other high-resolution recordings, such as 6K with the original VENICE and even higher with VENICE 2’s 8.6K sensor.

VENICE 2 camera
Model in Copenhagen

Copenhagen in 8K with VENICE 2

To demonstrate the benefits of X-OCN and VENICE 2, we worked with Storyline and Claus Rosenløv (DFF) to shoot footage in Copenhagen and its surroundings in the summertime with lots of bright colours and dynamic movement. Locations featured water, castles, sunlight, lowlight, and lots of colourful dresses in Danish design.

Download 8K X-OCN Test Content
Experience for yourself the quality of VENICE 2 8K content with these sample files.

X-OCN Sample Files

A selection of X-OCN (and ProRes444) files have been made available for you to download. These shots are provided so that you can test and evaluate working with X-OCN files. The selected files are representative of many of the different scan modes, frame rates and resolutions available from the Sony VENICE cameras. All test footage was shot with a VENICE 2 camera using an 8.6K sensor.

The files are hosted on the Sony Ci Platform. The files can be downloaded conventionally or using Aspera. If you chose Aspera, the application will improve the download stability and, in most cases, improve the download speed.

VENICE 2 with laptop showing Ci’s Aspera download option

Once you have downloaded one or more of the file packages you should unzip the folder and place the files on an SSD drive or other suitably fast storage.

To download the files. click on the link below. Once you register, you will receive a link providing free access to the entire set of 8K VENICE 2 clips.

8K X-OCN Test Files

A selection of test footage clips from nine scenes shot in and around Copenhagen with VENICE 2 using 8.6K sensor. Clips are 24fps, 20-30 seconds long, Full-frame 3:2 or 17:9 both spherical or Anamorphic. Each sensor mode recorded in X-OCN LT, ST and XT, plus 4K ProRes 4444 when possible with Cooke/I protocol lens Metadata for files.