Rory Peck streamlines Awards workflow with Ci Media Cloud Platform

Sony’s Ci Media Cloud Platform has made the process of contributing and judging video entries for the annual Rory Peck Awards more efficient, flexible and easy to manage.

Sony Ci Media Cloud Platform

How we helped

The Challenge

  • Increasing volume of content received in different formats, qualities and media
  • Negative impact on production workflow drove need to move to digital cloud-based platform

The Solution

  • Ci Media Cloud Platform allows Awards entrants to upload broadcast quality content to shared workspace
  • Judges can access and view entrants’ submissions on any device, including smartphones

The Outcome

  • Ci has streamlined entire Awards workflow, allowing internal and external users to create, share and review video content
  • Awards organisers able to reach more freelancers and manage more entries
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Not only has Ci revolutionised our workflow here at Rory Peck, it has meant that we can reach more freelancers, manage more entries, and allow more stories to be told.

Kate Garner, Manager, Rory Peck Awards

Honouring freelancers around the world

Established in 1995, the Rory Peck Awards honour freelance video journalists, filmmakers, cameramen and women working independently in news and current affairs, often without the formal support of a large media organisation. Every year, the Rory Peck Awards celebrate their extraordinary films, reports and footage and demonstrate why freelancers deserve support and recognition.

Video journalist
Digital platform

Moving to an all-digital platform

The steadily increasing number of submissions had placed greater pressures on the Rory Peck Trust to manage the efficient running of the Awards:

“We would be sent content of different formats and qualities, and this would really impact on our production workflow” explains Kate Garner, Manager, Rory Peck Awards. “We had an interim system between tape and cloud, where digital files would be sent to us on USB sticks, hard drives and DVDs. We found this increasingly complicated over the years, due to the increasing number of entries to the Awards competition. For that reason it became really important to move to a digital platform.”

Easier content sharing and collaboration

To make the processing and judging of content submitted easier and more efficient, the Rory Peck Awards resolved to implement a new workflow solution centred on Sony’s Ci Media Cloud Platform.

“Ci streamlined the entire awards process for us, from entries through to judging and the event itself” says Kate. “It’s enabled internal and external users to create, collaborate and share video content within one shared platform.”

As Kate explains, Ci has simplified workflow for entrants, judges and the Awards’ organisers alike: “The File Request feature enables journalists around the world in various situations to upload their broadcast-quality material to our workspace. The Media Box feature stood out to us the most. It allowed us to completely update our judging process. It’s meant that we can send out the material in advance for judges to watch on one central workspace. Judges can also view it on their phones. Working in news, you see that is an easier platform for them to view content on.”

Sony’s Ci Media Cloud Platform