Master Setup Unit (MSU) PC Software


MSU Software for easy multiple system camera configuration and maintenance
The HZC-CSM10 is a Windows-based Master Setup Unit (MSU) application software for controlling a system camera system from a PC. The HZC-CSM10 has the same features as a hardware-based MSU, offering camera control, optical level display, file management, remote control panel (RCP) assignment and diagnosis. The HZC-CSM10 acts as a software client to a master hardware MSU for full system stability. It is compatible with every Sony hardware MSU, including the MSU-1000 and MSU-1500.
Activation key for pre-installed software.


Windows PC-based application
The HZC-CSM10 is a Windows PC-based application. System requirements are Windows 7/8.1/10 (32-bits/64-bits), and 2 GBytes of RAM.
Compatible with HDC Series and HSC Series system cameras
The HZC-CSM10 is designed to work with HDC Series and HSC Series system cameras, but does not support HXC Series cameras.
User-friendly GUI offers RCP control
The HZC-CSM10 GUI controls any parameter of the system camera. It offers a powerful and easy-to-use GUI for remote control panel (RCP) to camera assignment.
File management
The HZC-CSM10 enables file transfer among cameras from the PC for very fast adjustment of a complete multi-camera system.
Diagnosis and optical level displays
System status information is available from the PC-based MSU for extra safety.
HDR operation support
The HDR related items can be controlled and/or observed from HZC-CSM10 such as MSU-1000/1500.