QMCB-SDI (QMCBSDI)Discontinued

4K SDI Input Board for the SRX-R500 Series


The QMCB-SDI is an optional 4K input board that allows Sony SRX-R500 Series projectors to accept and display live or recorded 4K video signals from an external source.

Connected directly to the projector head, the input board accepts 4K (Quad Full HD) video signals via 4x SDI connectors at frame rates up to 60 fps.

It is compatible with these Sony 4K Digital Cinema projectors:

SRX-R515P firmware version 1.30 or above
SRX-R510P firmware version 1.30 or above

The QMCB-SDI is an ideal addition for cinema exibitors wishing to capitalise on growing audience demand for live events as an expansion of their conventional theatrical repertoire. Cinemas can display live video feeds from sporting, musical, theatrical, cultural and other events with the best possible 4K picture quality.

Also available, the QMCB-DVI can accept 4K video input via 4x DVI connections.

Note: US model is LKRI-5000