Fine-tune your field of view with e-Varifocal

There’s a choice of Video Security cameras from Sony that offer the extra flexibility of e-Varifocal technology. The focal length of the camera lens can be adjusted electronically – allowing zoom, pan and tilt adjustment to frame scenes precisely while maintaining HD (720P) image quality. What’s more, fine adjustments can be made remotely to save time and labour costs compared with mechanical varifocal lenses.

Get the perfect view

Whether it’s in a supermarket, office or school campus, installing a Video Security camera means thinking carefully about your field of view.

If the camera lens has a fixed focal length, you’re stuck with an effective coverage area that can’t be adjusted. A camera with a mechanical varifocal lens offers a more flexible alternative. It’s possible to adjust focal length manually during installation, letting you cover wide areas or zoom in for a tighter close-up on particular points of interest.

And if you want even greater installation flexibility plus reduced set-up costs, then e-Varifocal technology provides an ideal answer. A growing range of Sony Video Security cameras – including X series minidome models and other IPELA ENGINE models except W and H Series – allow zoom to be adjusted electronically. This gives a fixed-lens camera similar ability to an optical varifocal lens that can adjust field of view.

[1] 1080 pixels [2] 720 pixels [3] 1280 pixels [4] 1920 pixels [5] Sensor image: FHD (1920 X 1080)

[6] Cropped image larger than HD (1280 x 720) [7] Zoom ratio: 1.0x [8] Zoom ratio: 1.5x

[9] Output image: HD (1280 x 720) [10] No degredation in picture quality

Clear, detail-packed zoom: The secret's in the sensor

Zooming digitally can degrade picture quality, but e-Varifocal maintains the selected resolution and image quality across the zoom range.

The Full HD image sensor in Sony X Series security cameras provides a generous resolution of 1920×1080. Zoomed in electronically for a corresponding magnification factor of 1.5x, the resulting HD image still has a resolution of 1280×720 pixels, with plenty of crisp detail.

Installers can fine-tune the camera’s field of view further with electronic pan and tilt once the camera’s in place. So now it’s quicker and easier than easier to set up cameras with exactly the coverage you need – saving time and installation labour costs into the bargain.

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e-Varifocal technology offers installers another big benefit, too. With an optical varifocal lenses, changing focal length for any reason inevitably means having to re-adjust focus. e-Varifocal, in contrast, doesn’t need any focus readjustments when you zoom: everything stay pin-sharp when the camera’s focal length is altered.

Sony’s SNC-XM631, XM632, XM636 and XM637 minidome cameras are also compatible with a choice of three optional lenses, giving a nominal horizontal viewing angle of 83 degrees, 51 degrees or 25 degrees as required. Combined with e-Varifocal technology, this allows very flexible control over focal length from wide-angle scene coverage to tight close-ups.

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