Image Rotation: Detailed images with all the right proportions

Sony’s latest-generation IP minidome, bullet and box cameras now support image rotation, enabling a vertical image format also known as corridor view. Ideal for Video Security and surveillance applications in corridors and hallways, this extra mode electronically flips the camera image through a quarter turn. You’ll see every detail in critical scenes, with a correctly-oriented 9:16 vertical ‘portrait’ view at Full HD resolution and no wasted pixels.

Get the narrow view in hallways and shopping aisles

Network cameras are often used for monitoring corridors, hallways, shopping aisles and railway platforms, where the area of interest is ‘tall’ rather than ‘wide’.

The camera’s 16:9 image orientation isn’t optimised for this sort of task. Viewing in horizontal (landscape) format means that lots of information is wasted when covering vertically-oriented (portrait) scenes. Pixels on the left and right hand edges of the image are effectively wasted. This results in a useful image area that’s far lower than the sensor’s total resolution (Full HD is 1920 horizontal x 1080 vertical pixels).

Available now, latest firmware version 2.4.0 for Sony IP network camera models adds in-camera image rotation. This enables a new ‘image rotate’ viewing mode – also known as corridor or hallway mode – that’s invaluable for this kind of tall scene.

New image rotation gives Sony cameras a change of scene

During installation, the camera is fixed at 90 degrees (or 270) degrees to the horizontal. This is achieved either by physically rotating the camera body through a quarter turn, or adjusting the lens module orientation in the case of minidome models.

The camera’s sensor now captures full-resolution images, but oriented vertically in 9:16 aspect ratio instead of normal 16:9 landscape format. This ensures that the whole sensor covers an area of interest, with no wasted area down the sides of the image. By covering the scene with full resolution, identification and forensic search of recorded video footage is more accurate and reliable.

To compensate for this change in physical orientation, image rotation electronically flips the camera image through a quarter turn. This ensures that the resultant video stream appears the right way up when viewed through client software on the network.

As an extra refinement, the new firmware update also allows the camera to output a ‘mirrored’ image – ideal when it’s being used to give bus drivers or railway guards a rear-view of activity behind them and similar applications.

Horizontal vs vertical format, cropped to show resolution at 10m

The vertical height on both of these images is the same, however you can see that vertical format image provides better resolution at a given distance in a corridor.

[1] Full HD 16:9 view [2] Image category RECOGNISE Horizontal 16:9 @ FHD 10m [3] Image category IDENTIFY Vertical 9:16 @ FHD 10m

Note: Image category is based on EN50132-7 guideline.

Image rotation is supported by these latest-generation Sony minidome and box cameras models: SNC-EM600, EM601, EM602R, EM602RC, EM630, EM631, EM632R, EM632RC, EB600, EB600B, EB630, EB630B, VM600, VM601, VM602R, VM630, VM631, VM632R, VB600, VB600B, VB630, VB630B, XM631, XM632, XM636, XM637,  CX600W, CX600.

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