Overview and close up: 4K surveillance with extra intelligence

Sony 4K technology gives Video Security professionals powerful new ways to get the whole picture. The ruggedised SNC-VM772R 4K network outdoor minidome camera delivers exceptional detail and sensitivity, day or night. In addition to providing an extraordinary high resolution wide area overview in 4K, it offers a range of valuable additional streaming modes – including intelligent cropping and multi tracking, plus evidence shot, high resolution still image capture that’s ideal for evidence.

A clear picture when it matters most

The extra detail provided by 4K imaging is already part of our everyday lives, from broadcast cameras and TV sets to consumer camcorders and smartphones. Now Sony innovation delivers a new generation of Video Security solutions that make surveillance smarter, more efficient, reliable and cost effective.

4K opens up exciting new monitoring possibilities by offering 4x the resolution of Full HD. As well as providing far greater detail, Sony 4K supports improved analytics and faster, more accurate decision-making in critical monitoring situations.

For the first time, a single camera can capture an extremely high resolution overview of a scene, while simultaneously streaming close-up views of multiple areas of interest and intelligently tracking moving target objects. As well as providing a detail-rich overview of any scene, just one 4K camera can help magnify and positively identify small details like a face, an unattended package or a car license plate. With fewer cameras required to cover a wider area, hardware and operating costs are reduced compared with conventional security camera systems.

SNC-VM772R captures every detail in 4K

Ideal for city surveillance, traffic control, railway and airport security, and other mission-critical environments, the new SNC-VM772R network outdoor minidome camera uses extraordinary Sony 4K technology to deliver exceptional detail and sensitivity.

Far larger than conventional imaging devices, the camera’s extremely sensitive 1.0-type Exmor R™ CMOS image sensor is teamed with a high-quality lens with 2.9x motorised zoom and advanced digital signal processing technology. This powerful combination of large sensor, lens and processor ensures that the SNC-VM772R can capture crisp, detail-packed 4K video footage, even in conditions of near darkness.

Smarter surveillance

Video Security has quite different requirements from conventional photography, where every pixel has equal significance and needs to be recorded with the same clarity.

In a typical monitoring environment – like an urban shopping mall, train station or ferry port – key parts of the image need to be monitored with the highest resolution. A busy road intersection or a human face entering the scene are high priorities from a surveillance point of view, requiring maximum detail to see precisely what’s happening. Other parts of the camera’s view – like the sky or a distant building – are of less interest, and don’t require the same video resources to observe them with as much detail.

The extremely high resolution of the SNC-VM772R enables exciting new operational possibilities that can’t be achieved with conventional security cameras. In addition to streaming an entire image of the scene for overview monitoring, this can be supplemented with detailed close-ups of specific parts of the scene, including moving objects like cars or people. Similarly, less relevant parts of the scene can be effectively ‘ignored’ – reducing network bandwidth and storage requirements without compromising operational efficiency.

Supported by a growing range of major VMS providers, the SNC-VM772R introduces several new operating modes that boost the flexibility and cost-efficiency of video surveillance – requiring fewer cameras to see more.


4K single streaming

For conventional wide-area monitoring, the camera provides a single real-time 4K (3,840 x 2,160) video stream at a high frame rate of 30 fps. With four times the resolution of Full HD (1,920 x 1,080), 4K supports positive detection and identification of faces, license plates and other critical details.

Intelligent cropping

Intelligent cropping (VGA)

[1] Captured image 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) [2] 4K camera SNC-VM772R [3] 5 streams [4] Overview FHD (1920 x 1080 pixels) [5] Close-up VGA x4 (640 x 480 pixels)

Intelligent cropping (Full HD)

[1] Captured image 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) [2] 4K camera SNC-VM772R [3] 3 streams [4] Overview FHD (1920 x 1080 pixels) [5] Close up Full HD x2

Intelligent cropping allows up to four specific areas of interest to be observed with original 4K resolution, while providing a simultaneous overview of the entire image at Full HD resolution. The SNC-VM772R can output a Full HD resolution overview, in parallel with four separate streams at VGA (640 x 480) that provide close-ups of particular areas of interest. The camera can also provide one Full HD overview stream plus two cropped close-up streams at Full HD.

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Multi tracking

Multi tracking uses intelligent cropping to automatically ‘chase’ up to four objects independently in the scene, such as moving vehicles or people in a factory or car park. The camera streams an entire image of the scene with Full HD resolution for overview monitoring full-resolution image, together with separate VGA-cropped views of each moving object at the same time. It’s a compelling alternative to conventional monitoring that requires multiple PTZ cameras to track several objects simultaneously.

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Intelligent coding

Network bandwidth and storage costs are reduced by efficiently assigning video resources where they’re most needed. Intelligent coding uses different coding schemes to suit various parts of the scene. Up to eight specific regions of interest are monitored with original 4K resolution, while other ‘quiet’ areas in the scene are encoded at lower resolution using a high data compression ratio. By reducing the overall bitrate needed to capture the entire scene, network bandwidth can be decreased and storage costs are minimised.

[1] Captured image 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels)

[2] 4K camera SNC-VM772R

[3] areas of interest 4K-native resolution

[4] Other areas of image low resolution with high compression ratio

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High quality evidence

4K detail also enables critical moments to be captured and reviewed by making use of the camera’s highest resolution. Evidence shot records a sequence of detail-packed 20 megapixel (5,472 x 3,648) Motion JPEG frames at 2.5 fps in parallel with a 1,440 x 960 pixel video stream. Triggered manually, by external sensors or automatically by the camera’s motion detection capability, it’s ideal for collection and analysis of high-quality evidence in situations like city streets and car parks.

[1] Captured image 20 megapixel (5472 x 3648 pixels)

[2] 4K camera SNC-VM772R

[3] Evidence shot

[4] Live overview

[5] Close up for examination

[6] Evidence shot 20 megapixel (5472 x 3648 pixels)

[7] Overview for monitoring (1440 x 960)

HDMI output for wider applications

As a further refinement, the SNC-VM772R is equipped with an HDMI interface. This broadens the appeal of this ground-breaking camera still further, allowing it to be used for other visual monitoring applications in fields ranging from medicine to e-learning.

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