Battery power unit for ECM-44BC/77BC/88BC and ECM-90BC microphones
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The DC-78 is a compact and in-line power supply for the Sony lavalier microphone range. It can be used to configure the popular ECM-44BC/77BC/88BC and ECM-90BC for use as wired microphones.

- Designed for use with Sony lavalier microphones equipped with a Sony 4-pin (SMC9-4P) connector
- Two-way powering: battery operation (using an AA-size (LR6) alkaline battery) or external DC operation (12 to 48 V)
- Supplied with an SMC9-4S input connector and an XLR 3-pin output connector


The DC-78 allows 'wireless ready' Sony ECM microphones (such as ECM-44BC/77BC/88BC and ECM-90BC) to be converted for use as wired microphones. The DC-78 is a compact in-line unit, with a 4-pin socket for the ECM microphone, a AA battery compartment and an XLR output connector. The DC-78 provides the flexibility of additional working methods, for example the microphone can be easily switched between a wireless and wired modes.

Versatilite powering options

The DC-78 allows Sony ECM microphones to powered for wired use, either by the internal AA battery or an external 48volt phantom powering.


Compatible with Sony ECM microphones

The DC-78 can be used with any of the Sony ECM-xxBC microphones.

Compact size

DC-78 is small and light weight, making is convenient to use.

Long battery life

DC-78 uses a single AA size battery (LR-6 type), each battery typically providing an operating life of 5,000 hours (for example with an ECM-88B)


Generic Specifications
Power requirements
LR-6 alkaline battery (AA size)
Battery life
Approx. 5,000 hours
Input connector
4-pin (SMC9-4P), compatible with ECM-44BC/77BC/88BC and ECM-90BC
Output connector
XLR-3-12C type
Diameter - 20mm, Length - 144mm
Approx. 130g (with battery), 108g (without battery)

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