Horacio Cabilla

Filmmaker and adventurer, Horacio shoots documentaries in the most extreme conditions across the world for companies such as Red Bull and Dakar rally. More than just images, he shares strong emotions with us, telling stories in a very human way.

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Horacio's Kit

My Sony FX9 and my Sony A7RIII helps make that leap in quality that I have been looking for, for some time. I travel to extreme parts of the planet and need a camera that withstands the conditions of the places I work. I like my FX9 because it offers such versatility in recording formats.

It’s important to reflect on the thousands of experiences you live. I am lucky to be a filmmaker and record everything that I experience. My hard drives are my salvation, they allow me to save the memories I’m not able to remember on my own.

But you can do it

by Horacio Cabilla featuring Alex Roca

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