UHC-8300 8K 3CMOS sensor Camera system includes UHCU-8300 8K Camera Control Unit, UKCU-8001 (8K ST 2110 Interface), UZCU-SNMP80 (SNMP for 8K ST 2110), UKCU-IP01F (Networked Media Interface)
Image of the following product: UHC-8300


A new landmark in broadcasting in 8K

The world’s first 8K television channel is already on air in Japan. And Sony is proud to be supporting this broadcasting landmark with the UHC-8300 system camera that enables an entire 8K Ultra HD workflow – from image capture to storage, editing, display and playout. The Sony 8K camera system consists of the combination of UHC-8300 camera head and UHCU-8300 camera control unit.

Perfection in every detail

At the heart of the UHC-8300 is the world’s first 1.25-type 8K 3CMOS sensor, capturing pristine images with a resolution of 7680x4320 pixels and a signal to noise ratio of -62dB (at 1080/59.94i). It realizes the 8K picture capturing at high speed of 120p HDR. Along with this new generation image sensor, the newly developed F1.6 prism system is capable to support the BT.2020 wide colour space, allowing content creators to realise 8K images with unprecedented clarity, colour and realism. The 4K signal dot-by-bot extracted from 8K captured image can be utilized for the monitoring in accurate focusing camera operation without any degradation.

8K adding more value to 4K production

8K Ultra HD images captured with the UHC-8300 camera system can be downconverted to produce spectacular 4K UHD images, bursting with fine detail and colour. This allows content creators to add value to every production, ensuring that premium footage captured in 8K can be enjoyed by consumers on today’s 4K HDR televisions and display devices. 8K images captured with the UHC-8300 can be enjoyed with native 7680x4320 pixel resolution on Sony’s Crystal LED large-scale display system.

IP solutions for 8K system

In addition to the NMI (Networked Media Interface Board): UKCU-IP01F, the 8K ST 2110 Interface Board: UKCU-8001 is available as an option product which works with LSM (Sony IP Live System Manage). The networked 8K ST 2110 system can be monitored by another license key option of SNMP: UZCU-SNMP80.


Advanced 8K interface

Weighing just 7kg (approx.), the compact UHC-8300 camera head connects via a SMPTE fibre connection to the UHCU-8300 Camera Control Unit. The CCU outputs 8K 120p baseband signals over octal 12G-SDI based on SMPTE ST.2082-12. In parallel, simultaneous 4K and HD outputs are available over 12G/3G-SDI.

Made for tomorrow’s workflows

You’re covered for today’s production workflows as well as tomorrows. 8K Ultra HD images captured with the UHC-8300 can be stored and replayed as XAVC files using Sony’s PWS-4500 live server. Also, the 8K signal can be transmitted to Sony's XVS-8000/9000 switcher, and combined with Sony's IP converters. And with a growing choice of third-party display, switching and editing solutions already available from Sony and other manufacturers, the 8K Ultra HD ecosystem is growing fast.

Simultaneous 8K/4K/HD production in HDR and SDR

Teamed with the UHCU-8300 Camera Control Unit, the UHC-8300 enables HDR production workflows with a choice of S-Log3, HLG Live and HLG BT.2100. Broadcasters can also enjoy the benefits of Sony’s SR Live, with simultaneous output of 8K, 4K and HD signals in HDR and SDR to suit a wide range of live production requirements.

New 8K lens mount

A new 1.25-type lens mount system offers direct compatibility with specially developed 8K lenses from lens vendors. Current 4K lenses can also be used with a 1.25-type B4 lens mount adaptor.

Compatibility with current live production elements

The UHC-8300 is compatible with current Sony live production system components including remote controllers, multi camera system units and viewfinders. So broadcasters and programme makers can realise fresh value from the current 4K/HD investments – today and tomorrow.

Real-time 4K cutout

The extraordinary resolution of 8K UHD allows production teams to select a 4K cutout from a portion of images captured with the UHC-8300. Displayed on a 4K monitor, this allows critical inspection and confirmation of focus. This can be done by dot-by-dot extraction from the captured 8K image without any degradation.

IP solutions

The IP based network connection makes much advanced flexible total system, and it can be realized even in 8K world. The 8K ST 2110 interface board, UKCU-8001 is optionally available. It can be monitored by SNMP activated with a license key of UZCU-SNMP80. An NMI (Networked Media Interface board), UKCU-IP01F option product is also available. Either IP board can be installed to the CCU, UHCU-8300.