Very high storage capacity up to 15TB compressed (6TB native)
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Massive storage capacity up to 6TB native, 15TB* compressed

Ultra fast transfer rate up to 300MB/s native, 750MB/s* compressed

Write-Once Read-Many (WORM) format available (LTX6000W, LTX2500W, LTX1500W, LTX800W, LTX400W), protecting valuable data against accidental erasure and prevents alteration of archived data files

Ideal to back up, restore and archive large applications

Enhanced reliability and performance thanks to new technology innovations

Partitioning functionality enabling capabilities that can help enhance file control and space management

The ideal solution for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) labels

Cleaning Tape: LTXCL

*Compression ratio 2.5 :1
Note: The production of Sony-Branded LTO7 data cartridge (LTX6000G) has already finished on May 23rd 2018.