444 S-Log Gamma Option for PMW-F3


Software upgrade for high-end cinematic production
CBK- RGB01 is a software upgrade option for the PMW-F3 Super 35mm CineAlta camcorder that allows S-Log gamma mode, 3G-SDI output, dual link HD-SDI video output, custom user LUTs (Look Up Tables) and pre-loaded LUTs. The dual link HD-SDI option enables 10-bit RGB 444 23.98/25/29.97PsF uncompressed external recording – ideal for integration with highest quality production workflows such as SRMASTER or HDCAM SR.


Integration with SRMASTER and HDCAM SR workflows
CBK-RGB01 software option enables the PMW-F3 Super 35mm CineAlta camcorder to record RGB 444 1080 23.98/ 25/ 29.97PsF signals over an dual link HD-SDI or 3G HD-SDI output. This allows the use of an external recorder such as the SR-R1 SRMASTER portable memory recorder for high quality output for VFX works such as chroma-key, compositing and CGI.
S-Log Gamma mode
S-Log mode is available with a wide dynamic range (800%) in the RGB 444 10-bit signal allowing the retention of maximum dynamic range from shadow details to highlights.
Built-in LUTs for on-set video monitoring
LUTs (Look Up Tables) can be applied to HD-SDI output and SxS recording off-line. User-defined LUTs (created by the CVP file editor) can be stored on SxS solid state memory card. LUT can be used for the off-line edit with SxS recorded content. You can also transfer user-defined LUTs from one camcorder to another for easy set-up.
Planning metadata
The CBK-RGB01 allows the insertion of additional metadata via SxS card. This feature also accepts metadata via a smartphone or tablet with additional software and a Wi-Fi adaptor.