UNI-INS7T3 (UNIINS7T3)Discontinued

Tinted indoor pendant mount housing


Indoor pendant camera housing for SNC-RZ30N and SNC-RZ50N with no electronics and tinted lower dome
The Sony UNI-INS7T3 7-inch Indoor Pendant Housing (Tinted Bubble) is designed to offer protection to the SNC-RZ30N and SNC-RZ50N Network Dome Cameras. Designed for discreet surveillance, the housing is equipped with a tinted lower dome that helps conceal the direction of the camera without interfering with the camera's view.
Light weight
Polycarbonate Dome. Upper body of the 7-inch (177.8mm) housing is made of plastic.


Voltage feed
24 VAC power supply for camera operations (electronics not included).
Easy connection
1.5-inch NTP Quick Connect coupling.
Optically correct tinted polycarbonate dome.
Easy connection
Pendant mount, 1.5-inch NPT quick connect coupling.