UNI-ONS7C1W (UNIONS7C1W)Discontinued

Wireless-ready tinted dome outdoor pendant-mount housing


Wireless-ready outdoor dome camera housing with heater for SNC-RZ series dome cameras
The Sony UNI-ONS7C1W 7-inch Wireless-Ready Outdoor Housing (Clear Bubble) is designed to offer extra protection to the SNC-RZ series Dome Cameras. Made of durable engineered plastic, the top body of the housing is flame retardant and UV protected, making it an excellent choice for installation in outdoor and high-risk locations. Designed for discreet surveillance, the housing is equipped with a clear lower dome that helps in maximum light transmission. A pre-run wireless antenna cable in the housing, when used with a compatible wireless card and antenna (sold separately), extends the wireless range of the network camera, while also allowing you to transmit videos over a mile. An integrated heater and blower system shields the camera in low temperatures and prevents the lower bubble from fogging up in high humidity.
Extreme temperatures
Equipped with 24 VAC input blower, this shall draw 1.4 W continuous power. A thermostatically controlled 25 W heater shall turn on at 50°F (10°C) and turn off at 77°F (25°C) 24-hour fan operation for effective heating and condensation protection.


Upper body of the 7-inch (177.8 mm) housing is made of plastic and is 94 VO flame-rated Dome shell is constructed of an injection moulded 0.118” (3 mm) thick, optically clear thermoplastic polycarbonate.
Includes a pre-run wireless antenna cable that works with the SNCA-CFW1 or the SNCA-CFW5 wireless card and SNCA-AN1 antenna (sold separately).
Wireless ready
24 VAC external input and provides regulated 12 VDC for the camera.
Designed for the SNC-RZ series Dome Cameras 5.5” NPT quick connect coupling