High resolution 2.7inch colour viewfinder

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The HDVF-C30WR viewfinder with a versatile eye-piece that delivers higher levels of colour accuracy and reproduction than previous models.

The HDVF-C30WR, is designed for use with many of Sony's professional HD cameras and camcorders. These include Sony's CineAlta™ F23 and F35 digital cinematography cameras, XDCAM HD422 and HDCAM Camcorders, the HDC R series system cameras and the HDC-3300R Super Slow Motion camera.

The new viewfinder is ideal for production professionals working in a range of applications, including television, motion picture production houses and rental houses.

The HDVF-C30WR has a 2.7-inch LCD screen (viewable area, measured diagonally), a pixel resolution of 960 by 540, and a new image processor - the same one used in Sony's BVM-L230 LCD Master Monitor. It provides comfortable and accurate framing and focusing operations by enabling more faithful colour reproduction, with newly added and enhanced focus-assist functions.

Improved focus assist features include 2x (dot by dot) magnification to smooth out diagonal edges and a colour peaking function. Luminance levels are easily indicated by colour. Improved luminance transition (panel gamma compensation) and 3D LUT colour space compensation help to provide more natural-looking luminance and colour accuracy.

The viewfinder includes an image inversion function (top/bottom and right/left), and selectable colour temperatures are 6500K (standard), 5600K and 9300K. A new mechanism protects the LCD panel in direct sunlight, and a polarising filter and IR cut filter attenuate the energy of sunlight.


2.7-inch* Colour LCD
Large 2.7-inch 16:9 quarter HD (960 RGB x 540) colour LCD.

*LCD screen measured diagonally.
LCD panel protection mechanism
Suppresses sun-beam burnout of the LCD panel, delivering superior durability.
Natural Peaking function
Allows focusing with sharper peaking in a life-like image.
Colour Peaking function
A newly developed function which shows the shooting object's focused area in actual colours.
S-LOG gamma support
S-LOG mode can be set by simply touching a switch.
Colour space matching with the F35/F23
The HDVF-C30WR can be set to the camera's colour space setting automatically or manually.
Detachable eye-piece
Allowing users to view the LCD directly.
Dot-by-dot Picture Magnification
This function gives six-selectable areas, keeping a high resolution even in the magnified image.
Luminance Level Indicator
Allows the user to check the luminance level of a signal. Individual designated signal levels (from 0% to 105%, in 10% increments) can be easily monitored in colour.

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