Wireless printing using a simple compact transmitter

Convenient printing without the connecting wires

Cut the cord

The UPA-WU10 wireless printing solution offers a simple, reliable alternative to USB cabled connections for compatible Sony medical printers in the operating room or ultrasound suite. Printing medical images usually requires a USB cable joining the printer to a surgical endoscope, ultrasound system or other imaging modality. But now there’s a valuable alternative that offers some welcome extra benefits for clinical staff.

The UPA-WU10 wireless printing solution is compatible with the following Sony medical printer models: UP-DR80MD, UP-X898MD, UP-991AD, and UP-971AD.

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A cleaner, neater alternative in the OR and beyond

In the modern operating rooms, it allows the printer to be moved away from the immediate vicinity of the OR table, decluttering the space of equipment and wires, giving the surgical stuff a room to move freely. What’s more, it can boost OR hygiene, protecting the printer from the risks of accidental contamination for being too close to the OR table.

In addition, the UPA-WU10 is ideal for busy healthcare environments, enabling connection of compatible Sony medical printers to hospital imaging modalities. It neatly resolves the problem of limited space on medical carts, allowing connection between the modality and an off-cart printer – wirelessly.

Simple set-up, easy operation

The plug-and-play system is quick and easy to set-up*, with no need for Wi-Fi routers or complicated software installation.

The wireless transmitter searches for nearby receivers, connecting devices automatically over a 10m range using low-power UWB (Ultra Wide Band) wireless technology.

And it’s reassuringly stable, so you don’t have to worry about dropped connections: links between devices are automatically re-established if contact is temporarily lost.

It effortlessly handles connection to up to three printers in the same room, with interference-free transmission between multiple transmitter/receiver pairs – though you’ll need a separate UPA-WU10 per printer.

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