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Introducing the HVO-4000MT: A new era in surgical recording

The HVO-4000MT 4K 3D recorder opens up a new era of Ultra HD medical workflow, capturing finely detailed colour video in the operating room.

The latest generation of medical imaging systems reveals more detail than ever before, allowing hospital staff to review complex procedures in the OR with greater accuracy. The compact, easy-to-use HVO-4000MT records 4K video and still images in 2D or 3D from endoscopic/laparoscopic cameras, surgical microscope and other compatible imaging systems.

Video files can be stored simultaneously on the recorder’s hard drive and external media or IP network server for patient records, training and education. The recorder simultaneously creates a Full HD copy of 4K source content for easy sharing and viewing on any hospital PC.

And our 4K medical recorder fits perfectly into our OR ecosystem. Explore the products below to find out more about which products are compatible with our new recorder.

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4K medical workflow: Related products

4K medical monitors

The 55-inch LMD-X550MD and 31-inch LMD-X310MD 4K LCD medical monitors display video images from surgical endoscopes, laparoscopic cameras and our 4K medical recorder in 4K Ultra HD resolution with exceptional contrast and a wide colour gamut.

4K means higher pixel detail for your images. Advanced Image Multiple Enhancer (AIME™) technology accentuates subtle colour differences and highlights the outline structure of displayed images. Record and play back footage from the recorder for closer inspection and analysis.

Slim, easy to clean and ergonomically styled with intuitive controls, both monitors are ideal for use in the OR, consulting rooms and for teaching purposes.

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Content management system

The CMDS-MS20MD* content management system (CMS) streamlines the storage, editing, distribution and archive of 4K surgical videos plus still images and other associated files from multiple operating rooms. The CMS can manage 4K content recorded with the HVO-4000MT, or capture and store live video from IP cameras and encoders as editable files.

The intuitive interface enables easy searches from hours of stored 4K content. Video can be cut, spliced and linked with patient metadata and information from other hospital systems for powerful, intuitive searches. Low bit-rate proxy files are created automatically from high-resolution video for efficient streaming across hospital networks and viewing on a standard PC.

*CMDS-MS20MD is a non-medical device. The recorded images from this model can be used for training and education purposes.

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IP converter*

The NUIP-40S IP converter connects to medical 4K devices such as the HVO-4000MT or the LMD-X310MD medical monitor making it so simple to safely and securely share video images.

The IP converter unit will support the output of analogue, HD and 4K video signals – with no need to worry about video cable lengths, latency or dropouts.

With a Sony solution you can fully realise the power of today’s medical IP network infrastructures.

*IP converter is compatible with the NUA-BK10 mounting bracket.

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