Live Element Orchestrator

System orchestration and management software for IP Live networked production.

Enabling smarter, more agile new IP workflows

Live Element Orchestrator (LEO) software expands the capabilities of Sony’s IP Live Production System. Complementing Sony’s IP Live System Manager, LEO enables smart IP workflows and optimised use of resources through the remote set-up, management and monitoring of all IP networked devices including system cameras, switchers, servers and monitors. Eliminating the need for time-intensive manual configuration of individual devices, LEO’s high-level orchestration capabilities deliver more efficient system operation plus agile new production possibilities.

Support for multi-vendor products

Supporting both Sony and third-party products, LEO leverages industry-standard protocols (including SMPTE ST 2110 and NMOS IS-04/05) to manage centralised configuration, operation, scheduling and monitoring of all networked devices. This allows significant optimisation of overall system performance, improved utilisation of available production resources and minimised down-time.

Efficient resource sharing

Reflecting growing trend towards networked production, LEO performs an important role in enabling sharing of distributed IP production resources – including Sony and third-party products – across multiple locations. LEO allows operators to co-ordinate all aspects including set-up, central maintenance, discovery and allocation of available equipment and overall system performance monitoring.

System management made simple

Live Element Orchestrator simplifies high-level IP system management via its intuitive graphical interface that provides operators with real-time insight and control over device setup, resource scheduling and operational status. For even greater flexibility and ease of use, on-screen functions can be mapped onto optional hardware panels (available late 2019), giving instantaneous fingertip control via physical buttons and rotary encoders.

PWA-LEO1 Live Element Orchestrator

This management and orchestration application enhances performance, efficient resource allocation and overall productivity in IP based live production systems. Centralise configuration and monitoring of remote devices. Share production resources across multiple locations, with support for devices and solutions from Sony and third parties.

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