Ethica Group creates cutting-edge workspace with BRAVIA Professional Displays

Milan-based finance and investment group transforms corporate communication and collaboration at new headquarters with 4K displays in meeting areas and board room.

How we helped
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The Challenge
  • Corporate finance specialist needed workspace solution supporting enhanced communication and collaboration
  • Required seamless integration with existing AV/IT systems and workflows
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The Solution
  • BRAVIA FW-55BZ40H 55″ 4K Professional Displays
  • BRAVIA FWD-85X90H 85″ 4K Professional Displays
  • AV/IT solution provided by integration specialist PromiGroup
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The Outcome
  • Consistent visual and aesthetic experience in meeting rooms and board room
  • Displays reflect Ethica Group’s commitment to technology, sustainability and corporate values

From smaller, more intimate meeting spaces to the grandeur of the board room, each BRAVIA screen plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall meeting experience.

Ethica Group representative

A commitment to excellence

Established for over ten years, Ethica Group is an independent specialist in corporate finance transactions and direct investments with a focus on Italian companies.

While creating its new Milan headquarters, Ethica Group required a cutting-edge workspace environment. The need for a complete IT and AV solution emerged from Ethica Group’s vision for a workspace to meet the requirements of modern business operations, while also reflecting the company’s commitment to technological excellence and its forward-looking corporate culture.

Ethica office with Bravia display on the wall.
Meeting room in Ethica Group with Bravia display on the wall.

Reshaping business interactions

The challenges of transitioning to new technologies were amplified by the need for a cohesive integration strategy. In providing a new environment where technology serves to improve collaboration, Ethica Group also needed a solution that would enhance rather than disrupt current workflows. The goals of the project are outlined by a representative from AV and ICT integration services specialist PromiGroup: “We were tasked not only with providing IT and AV solutions, but with creating a transformative experience that redefines how Ethica approached meetings and presentations in their new headquarters. The challenges faced by Ethica were not just technical: this project was about reshaping the dynamics of their business interactions in the digital age.”

Superb image quality, aesthetic excellence and sustainability

As a crucial element of the project, Ethica Group selected Sony display technology for its elegance and reliability. Sony’s reputation for providing high-quality products aligns perfectly with Ethica’s vision for a sophisticated modern workspace.

BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays are a centrepiece of Ethica Group’s transformation of its headquarters, delivering superb image quality, usability and sustainability. Installation flexibility was also key to the group’s display choice, with BRAVIA available in a wide range of screen sizes. Further factors in Ethica’s display choice included robust usability, integrated applications and readily customisable setting – all contributing to efficient daily operations with streamlined meetings and presentations. By choosing BRAVIA displays, Ethica Group has embraced cutting-edge technology while contributing to a more environmentally friendly approach to its business infrastructure. Sony’s commitment to sustainability throughout the displays’ lifecycle is reflected in a reduction in the use of virgin plastic, improvements in transportation efficiency and a meticulous review of energy consumption during use.

Ethica meeting room with Bravia display on the wall.
Office in Ethica Group with Bravia display on the wall.

A consistent visual experience

BRAVIA 55″ displays are installed in seven meeting rooms, together with a large BRAVIA 85″ display in the main board room. Creating a consistent brand experience across all meeting spaces, the displays’ slim, sophisticated design provides an ideal complement for the rooms’ modern styling. BRAVIA’s high screen brightness and exceptional 4K image quality also offers an immersive visual environment for effective presentations and collaborative discussions.

“The variety of BRAVIA screens has allowed us to achieve a harmonious balance between functionality and elegance” states an Ethica Group representative. “From smaller, more intimate meeting spaces to the grandeur of the Board Room, each BRAVIA screen plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall meeting experience.”

Positive impact on corporate image

Ethica Group’s employees and clients report that the monitors’ brightness and image quality have made meetings enjoyable and less stressful. In particular, the board room’s 85″ screen gives a powerful demonstration of the company’s commitment to aesthetic sophistication and cutting-edge technology.

“We are thrilled to have acted as an intermediary in this transformation which has boosted the unique brand experience in meeting rooms improving significantly Ethica’s corporate image” confirms a PromiGroup representative.