News, art and technology meet at Outriders Club

Warsaw-based arts and journalistic collective equips unique multimedia meeting space with BRAVIA Professional Displays and PTZ cameras.

How we helped
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The Challenge
  • Multimedia, journalism and arts group required cutting-edge display technology solution for presentations, conferences and live events
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The Solution
  • BRAVIA FW-98BZ50L 98″ 4K Professional Display
  • 15x BRAVIA BZ40L, BZ30L and BZ30J Series 4K Professional Displays
  • 3x SRG-A40 PTZ cameras
  • TEOS
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The Outcome
  • High quality visual content can be created, displayed and updated quickly
  • Automatically controlled PTZ cameras stream high-quality video without distracting presenters and audience

We wanted a solution that not only offers high contrast and good visibility, but is also not overwhelming like a big screen with a projector.

Jakub Górnicki
Co-founder, Outriders

Highlighting global issues through art and journalism

Outriders is a non-profit international reporting group that combines art and journalism to explore global events and issues. Tackling a wide range of topics that impact peoples’ lives, the collective creates mobile interactive stories, publishes a magazine and organises a festival. For its achievements in combining multimedia communication formats, Outriders has been awarded the Paszport Polityki Award, the Polish-German Journalism Award and received nominations for the European Press Prize. Outriders has also created a unique interactive space for events and meetings that blends art and new media. Located in the Stara Ochota district near the centre of Warsaw, Outriders Club features a main events area that’s complemented by a recording studio and conference room.

Outriders Club building
Bravia displays and Sony SRG-A40 PTZ on the wall

Bringing performances and events to life with technology

The extensive use of multimedia technology is central to Outriders’ vision for the club, where performances and meetings are brought to life through an arresting combination of images, light and sound. A total of sixteen wall-mounted BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays feature in the event area, displaying photographs, drawings, films and cartoons that have been produced by Outriders’ reporters or created locally. Display sizes range from 32 inches up to the impressive 98 inch BRAVIA FW-98BZ50L that serves as the venue’s principal screen.

Unforgettable multimedia content

“We wanted to give people the opportunity to ‘get inside a live magazine’ explains Outriders Co-Founder Jakub Górnicki. “It’s as if they entered a studio or a museum that does not present history, but what is happening now. Our content describes the current reality – hence the need for technology to enable us to change content quickly. For this we use images displayed on monitors, lighting and surround sound”.

“The main monitor is surrounded by thirteen speakers” notes Jakub. “This allows us to create unforgettable shows and presentations, visible even from the back of the room. We wanted a solution that not only offers high contrast and good visibility, but is also not overwhelming like a big screen with a projector.” The flagship 98-inch FW-98BZ50L is complemented by fifteen other BRAVIA BZ40L, BZ30L and BZ30J series Professional Displays, in a range of screen sizes from 32 inches upwards that focus visitors’ attention on the presented content.

A wall with Sony Bravia displays at Outriders Club
Bravia displays and Sony SRG-A40 PTZ on the wall in Outriders Club

Remote cameras with added intelligence

The club also features three remotely-controllable Sony SRG-A40 PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) cameras. Powered by in-built video analytics, the camera’s Auto Framing capability can intelligently track the movements of presenters in the room without the need for a dedicated operator. Offering exceptional 4K image quality with a powerful optical zoom lens, the SRG-A40 is ideal for recording and streaming live events from the club. Equipment setup is minimised, and the cameras’ discreet presence ensures meetings feel more intimate and natural, without distracting presenters and participants.

Reliability, service and support for journalists’ needs

Outriders Club also uses Sony’s TEOS workspace management solution that’s used to switch the BRAVIA monitors on and off. Using tablets and the TEOS system also enables quick creation and management of interactive gallery content.

“When choosing Sony, we wanted a sense of reliability and great customer service” confirms Jakub. “We knew that our ask was not typical, and the additional support of TEOS proved to be a decisive argument for us. We also know that problems happen, so the feeling that we would not be left alone with them was vital. Sony has been supporting many photographers and reporters for years – so the company has a good understanding of the needs and nature of journalistic work.”

Outriders Club uses Sony’s TEOS workspace