G6 by Sony: Intelligent surveillance

It’s a milestone in the evolution of IP-based video monitoring. Sony’s sixth generation (G6) of network cameras deliver industry-leading HD picture quality and industry-leading sensitivity in a wide range of security and surveillance applications.

IP-based video monitoring has evolved. Sony’s sixth generation (G6) of network cameras set new standards in industry-leading Full HD picture quality, performance and versatility. Latest image processing and sensor technologies by Sony make G6 cameras ideal for the most challenging security scenarios – from airports, railway stations and public buildings to hospitals and schools.

At the heart of the G6 camera range are Sony’s highly sensitive Exmor image sensor and IPELA ENGINE signal processing engine. This powerful combination delivers significantly improved picture quality – even in poorly-lit reception areas or underground car parks. And with maximum frame rates doubled to 60 fps with up to Full HD resolution, G6 cameras can capture smoothly-detailed footage in casinos and other rapidly-moving environments like traffic monitoring.

The IPELA ENGINE won the Detector International Award
for the Best CCTV Product 2012.

Improved View-DR wide dynamic range compensation technology assures impressive levels of fine detail, even in strongly backlit conditions that conventional CCTV cameras struggle to cope with. Image noise is significantly reduced, while industry-leading low light sensitivity is more than twice that of previous generation cameras.

Sophisticated analytics include Intelligent Motion Detection (IMD), tampering detection and face detection. Built-in analytics filters of DEPA Advanced allow a combination of filters, including virtual trip wires, ‘appearance’ detection, ‘left object’ and ‘removed object’ to be used as triggers for local or VMS based alarms.

The advanced design of G6 cameras extends their appeal for installation in a wide range of challenging situations. On-board electronic image stabilisation keeps images clear and steady, even when the camera’s mounted on top of a tall mast in gusty conditions. Simple installation is also assisted by remote adjustment of focus and zoom via the cameras’ intuitive web interface.

The full G6 range of IP network cameras includes box, mini dome and ruggedised indoor mini domes models to suit a wide range of security and surveillance applications.

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