Suzuki drives the message home with Sony digital signage

    Suzuki drives the message home with Sony digital signage solutions. Find out how.

    Retail Display and Digital Signage Solutions brochure

    Download our Retail Display and Digital Signage Solutions brochure and learn how to push the boundaries of customer experience. Find out more.

    BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays for Retail and Signage

    Create colourful 4K digital signage with our flexible and efficient BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays. Find out more.

    Wayfinding solutions for retail

    Show customers the way with bright, colourful digital signage that can't be missed. Find out more.

    Retail displays for Quick Service Restaurants

    Create smooth, speedy dining experiences with our bright, easy to manage restaurant digital signage solutions. Find out more.

    Advertising solutions for retail

    Super-sized displays that capture shoppers’ attention with colourful, high-impact advertising and promotional messages. Find out more.

    Retail displays for home furnishings and DIY

    Retail display solutions that make store visits smoother, more exciting and satisfying for shoppers. Find out more.

    Retail displays for fashion & apparel

    Display solutions that enhance in-store experience and deepen customers' connection with clothing brands. Find out more.

    Attracting shoppers solutions for retail

    Deliver that wow factor to shoppers with display solutions that capture and retain customers' attention and loyalty. Find out more.

    Back of house and operations display solutions

    Flexible, easy-to-integrate display solutions to inform staff and support efficient management of customer orders. Find out more.

    Creators' Cloud

    Live Virtual Cloud Switcher M2

    Our cloud-based virtual switcher lets producers handle everything from live video switching to audio mixing, graphics and captions—all without OB vehicles or a

    Cloud-based Collaboration Platform C3 Portal

    Our cloud-based content collaboration platform allows cameras to connect remotely to the cloud through a fast and stable transfer using a mobile connection.

    A2 Production

    Enrich your workflows and power up your teams with A2 Production.

    Digital Imaging

    Digital Imaging Solutions: Photogrammetry

    Find out more about Sony’s photogrammetry Digital Imaging Solutions.

    Dentistry Digital Imaging Solutions

    Find out more about Sony high-tech dental photography solution.

    Digital Imaging Solutions: Commercial Drones

    Find out more about Sony’s Digital Imaging Solutions for commercial drones.

    Digital Imaging Solutions: 3D Image Scanning

    Find out more about Sony’s Digital Imaging Solutions for 3D Image Scanning.

    DeGould Digital Imaging Case Study

    Find out how DeGould were able to increase the efficiency of their Auto-scan and Auto-compact products.

    Auterion Digital Imaging Case Study

    Discover how Auterion maximised drone payload integration with Sony’s digital imaging solutions.

    Tchek Digital Imaging Case Study

    Find out how Tchek used Sony’s digital imaging solutions to configure their AI algorithm.


    NXL-ME80 LAN/WAN Media Edge Processor

    Find out more about Sony’s LAN / WAN Media Edge Processor gateway.

    Sony IP Live Production: Ready today, open for tomorrow

    Watch our video to find out why our open, complete and secure offering makes IP Live - ready today, open for tomorrow.

    M2L-X Live Production Switcher

    Find out more about Sony’s software-based live production switcher M2L-X.

    MLS-X1 Live Production Switcher

    LS-X1 is a scalable and reconfigurable live production switcher processor. Find out more.

    CNA-2 Camera Control Network Adaptor

    CNA-2 is Sony’s latest camera control networked adaptor. Find out more.

    CBK-RPU7 HEVC 4K/HD Encoder

    Find out more about Sony’s CBK-RPU7 HEVC 4K/HD Encoder with ultra low latency, low bit rate, and high picture quality.

    Broadcast Monitor Range

    4K professional monitors reveal every detail with unerring accuracy and consistency. Find out more.

    BVM-HX3110 31-inch 4K TRIMASTER HX™

    BVM-HX3110 is a 31-inch premium reference monitor with no compromise, made for artistic intent of critical evaluation. Find out more.

    NXL-IP55 IP Live Production Unit Discontinued

    Discover the Sony NXL-IP55 IP Live Production Unit. Genlock function synchronises multi-camera shooting over the IP network. Find out more.

    PWS-110RX1 Network RX Station For XDCAM camcorders Discontinued

    Discover the Sony PWS-110RX1 Network RX Station For XDCAM camcorders. Cost efficient live streaming of 1080i over 4G/LTE or Wi-Fi. Find out more.


    Digital Media Production Centre

    Discover Sony at Pinewood Studios, a place for Europe’s film-making community to come together to share passion and knowledge.

    4K HDR Live production over IP

    Discover 4K HDR live broadcast sports production from Sony. Find out more.

    Sports and Live Networks

    Sports and Live Networks

    Live Production

    Offering world-class, cost-effective solutions with our distinctive stamp of quality for your live production requirements.

    IP Live Production

    Realise the benefits of IP Live and optimised use of studio facilities, control rooms and OB vehiciles to remote and shared production. Find out more.

    Great reasons to choose the PWS-4500 4K live server

    Discover the reasons to choose PWS-4500 4K live server.

    Genuine interoperable solutions for IP Live

    We divulge into what it means to have a genuinely interoperable solution for IP Live. Find out more.

    Switch from SDI to IP Live Production

    Read why you should make the switch from SDI to IP Live Production now. Find out more.

    Live broadcast solutions

    Discover world-class, cost-effective solutions for your live productions. Find out more.

    Simplify live broadcasts with NXL-IP55 IP unit

    Innovative use of IP technology to simplify camera setup and cabling of live events with NXL-IP55 live unit. Find out more.


    The key to IP Live interoperability

    Discover the key to IP Live interoperability.

    IP Live: Discover tomorrow’s networked TV production

    Discover the scalable, low-cost future of programme making outlined by Norbert Paquet, Strategic Marketing Manager, Live Production.

    IP Live studio, Pinewood Studios

    Discover our IP Production training studio at Pinewood Studios. Find out more.

    Bringing IP Live to life: Migrate to IP with Networked Media Interface

    Sony, together with IP specialists, explain how broadcasters can evolve smoothly with IP Live.

    IP Live Production Solutions

    Find out the benefits and supporters of our IP Live Production Solutions for the professional AV markets. Find out more.

    HDR Technology - HDR live system cameras, switchers and 4K server

    Discover the entire family of Sony HDR-capable live system camera products, switchers and 4K server. Find out more.

    IP Live explained

    Learn more about our IP-based technology for 4K/HD broadcasting. Find out more.

    IP Live Alliance

    Discover how we're committed to ensure seamless interoperability between the widest possible range of products and solutions from Sony and other vendors.

    Leading UK independent takes advantage of Sony deal to complete 4K installation

    Discover how leading UK independent cinema Everyman Cinemas turn to Sony 4K to give it's customer a true cinematic experience.

    Crystal LED gives Akayama History & Nature Park visitors a colourful welcome

    Crystal LED gives Akayama History & Nature Park visitors a colourful welcome


    Sony and Nevion’s Networked Live Webinar

    Sign up for our live webinar and learn how to connect your hybrid live production.

    Sony and Nevion’s Networked Live Webinar

    Sign up for our live webinar and learn how to transform the logistics and economics of live production.

    Sony and Nevion’s Networked Live Webinar

    Sign up for our live webinar and learn how to transform the logistics and economics of live production.

    Sony and Nevion’s Networked Live Webinar

    Sign up for our live webinar and learn how to connect your hybrid live production.

    Sony and Nevion’s Networked Live Webinar

    Sign up for our live webinar and learn how to transform the logistics and economics of live production.

    2023 Sony Partner Event

    Register now for our 2023 Partner event to get fresh ideas from leading broadcast representatives.

    FKTG Roundtable: “How will we produce tomorrow?"

    Watch our webinar and discover about the perspectives and potentials of modern live production. Find out more.

    Distributed Production in Action Webinar

    Explore how live production is evolving, transforming the business of broadcasting.

    NAB Show 2023: Creativity Connected

    Find out more about our latest announcements at the NAB 2023.

    IBC 2022 Products and Services

    All the latest news from Sony at IBC. Find out more.


    Live production insights and customer stories

    Live production insights and customer stories

    Sony-5G Live production

    Creative technology innovator, networking giant and media production leader partner successfully in pioneering 5G-connected camera trial distributed over public

    Five reasons to change the way you make news

    Five reasons why you should choose Media Backbone Hive, the highly scalable broadcast production system for news and sport. Find out more.

    ORF goes for Sony XVS switchers

    Broadcaster to use Sony’s IP switchers in its production control rooms to meet present and future challenges of IP live production. Find out more.

    Red Bull wins with Sony Virtual Production

    Red Bull Switzerland picked Sony’s cloud-based Virtual Production service to live stream this year's Alpenbrevet motorcycle race. Find out more.

    Five reasons to use Sony's Virtual Switcher-Virtual Production-Sony Pro

    Learn how Sony's on-demand, cloud-based, media streaming service can help you capture, produce and deliver winning content - without, costly and complex infrast

    The search for the lost audience

    Discover why today's Unified Content Platforms are giving news makers a helping hand. Find out more.

    4K workflow in the fast lane at MotoGP

    Watch why BT Sport partner Timeline TV picked our HDC-4300 camera to capture live motorsports action in 4K Ultra HD. Find out more.

    TEOS powers a smarter workplace at Sony DADC

    Leading digital media specialist transforms the control and management of its networked display devices and digital content with TEOS from Sony. Discover how.

    Sony PWS-4500-KLCS-TV-Case Study

    Read how North American PBS affiliate KLCS-TV employed the outstanding versatility and flexibility of Sony's PWS-4500 4K server.


    I want to do live streaming

      See the following link. Wireless Workflow with PXW-FS5 and PXW-70  

    Software: SR Live MetaFile & 3D LUT

    a workflow test prior to a live event. SR Live 3D-LUT Sony has created a set of 3D-LUT (.cube) files for use in HDR SDR conversion equipment within an SR Live workflow. The SR Live 3D-LUT files can be used within

    There are SLS-1A speakers that do not appear on the network

    To set up 31 speakers or more, set up to 30 speakers, or use several groups for connecting to the same network. Your computer and the SLS-1A speaker are not connected with an Ethernet cable. This is not required if

    Software: PJS Network Presentation V1.0.3.16030

    The Presentation Function via Network enables you to do the following:   1.) Connect a maximum of 8 computers to the projector. 2.) Project images from a maximum of 4 computers simultaneously. 3.) Connect a USB

    Support Content

    IBISS spare part ordering system

    Sony IBISS account holders can discover our spare parts ordering system, ensuring ordering is available around the clock.

    Sony Europe B.V. professional standard product warranty

    Find out more information about Sony Professional Solutions Europe Standard Product Warranty for all your professional products.

    Professional spare parts

    Discover all the answers to questions about spare parts for our Professional products.

    PrimeSupport FAQs fessional Europe

    Find the answers to frequently asked questions about PrimeSupport, Sony Professional Europe's support service for business customers.

    Professional repairs

    Learn how to get support for repairing your Sony Professional product. Find out more.

    Premium Content

    PTZ Network Cameras

    Sony PTZ network cameras offering up to 4K image quality with powerful zoom. Find out more.

    Channel Partners

    Switchers and Live Systems

    Switchers and Live Systems

    IP Live Products

    Channel Partner

    IP Live

    Channel Partner

    F65 Live System

    Channel Partner

    PMW-F55 Live System

    Channel Partner


    Channel Partner

    Channel Partner

    Channel Partner

    Where to buy

    Where To Buy

    Network Camera Systems


    Crystal LED displays mobile vision at docomo Future Station

    Japan’s leading mobile phone network operator selected Sony’s Crystal LED technology to present its vision with incredible 12K resolution. Find out more.

    Five Questions COVID-19 Has Asked The World About Work

    COVID has changed the way we work forever. But how can we adapt to the new normal? Find out more.

    BRAVIA entertains and informs at private nursing home

    Learn how Sony transformed residents’ daily life at Sonare Meguro Fudomae nursing home.

    Asynchronous working

    Download our Asynchronous working white paper and find what the future of 9 to 5 look like. Find out more.

    TEOS Solutions for a Smarter Office

    TEOS is our complete suite of workplace management solutions for your business. Improve, integrate and streamline. Find out more.

    Manage for TEOS drives smarter business at HL Tech

    Manage for TEOS drives smarter business at HL Tech with a unique collaborative workspace. Find out more.

    North West Ambulance Service Uses Sony Bravia and TEOS Technology

    Learn how North West Ambulance Service has used our Bravia 4k displays and TEOS to streamline workplace efficiency.

    Hemofarm transforms comms with BRAVIA Professional Displays

    Serbia’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturer keeps staff and visitors updated via BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays and digital signage software. Find out more.

    Sony PTZ cameras enable remote customer inspection for Emerson

    In light of the pandemic, flow meter manufacturer Emerson has developed an innovative and remote solution for its customers. Find out more.

    Flensted transforms employee communications with digital signage and BRAVIA displays

    Learn how Sony 4K professional displays technology helps Danish food manufacturer with informative digital signage.


    Live entertainment for patients in children's hospital

    Sony's mini broadcast studio in Alder Hey children's hospital is bringing joy to the lives of young patients through live entertainment. Find out more.

    NUCLeUS LIVE webinar

    Watch our webinar and explore exciting possibilities for remote surgical collaboration and education powered by NUCLeUS LIVE. Find out more

    NUCLeUS LIVE webinar

    Watch our webinar and explore exciting possibilities for remote surgical collaboration and education powered by NUCLeUS LIVE. Find out more.

    Live-stream service for remote surgical collaboration

    Help surgical teams connect with specialists, students, and colleagues - no matter where they are, with NUCLeUS™ LIVE. Find out more.

    IP based live streaming for real time consultation

    King Saud hospital is streaming cath lab content using NUCLeUS™ digital OR solution across the campus for live consultation. Find out more.

    Enhancing surgical workflow at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

    This leading children’s hospital is using NUCLeUS, a powerful, easy to use hospital-wide IP video network. Find out more.

    NUCLeUS™ maximises cost efficiency via networked management

    NUCLeUS helps hospitals realise long-term value from medical video content. Find out more.

    Adachi medical center case study

    Adachi medical center chooses Nucleus platform for straightforward IP-based operationsand excellent live 4K imaging. Find out more.

    IP based video streaming transforms medical training

    Using our NUCLeUS™ video-over-IP platform, surgeons at Alder Hey hospital can transform traditional teaching methods. Find out more.

    Why HDR is key for surgical imaging

    HDR imaging helps see a wider range of brightness levels, giving surgeons better view of complex opthalmological and endoscopic procedures. Find out more.


    Hybrid Teaching and Learning

    Our remote learning solution gives students instant access to high quality academic content, whenever and wherever they want it. Find out more.

    Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts selects 100-inch BRAVIA for multimedia art exhibition

    Learn how our largest 4K HDR BRAVIA display was used to create a HD multimedia fine art exhibition.

    Sony enhances remote learning at Prefectural University of Hiroshima

    The university can now teach students across three campuses simultaneously, thanks to Sony's Edge Analytics Appliance. Find out more.

    Cyber University of Korea Improves Educational Content

    Sony has helped a university in South Korea with a content creation solution offering excellent image quality and low operating costs. Find out more.

    Orientarium Zoo Uses Sony Bravia, Projector and TEOS Technology

    Learn how Sony display solutions helped visitors learn about the natural inhabitants of Orientarium Zoo, Łódź.

    Missouri university transforms teaching with Edge Analytics

    Central Missouri University adopts Edge Analytics and PTZ remote cameras . Find out more.

    University of Guelph transforms hybrid teaching with remote cameras and projectors

    Discover why the University of Guelph has been using exclusively Sony remote cameras and projectors for hybrid teaching and learning. Find out more.

    BRAVIA showcases progressive learning agenda at UCF

    University of Central Florida chooses BRAVIA Professional Displays to help transform its learning environment. Find out more.

    University of Bamberg embraces hybrid teaching and learning with Sony

    University of Bamberg embraces hybrid teaching and learning with Sony. Find out more.

    Hefei Normal University create hands free lecture audio experience

    Our innovative beamforming microphone improves classroom audio, simplifies management and reduces operational costs. Find out more.

    News Production

    Media Backbone Hive: The newsroom, everywhere

    Learn how Sony's Media Backbone Hive can power next-generation, interconnected, newsrooms. Find out more.

    Reuters connects teams with Hive

    Reuters has saved time and money by connecting journalists with Hive, the cutting-edge news production platform from Sony. Find out more.

    How to send, edit and catalogue files in the cloud​

    Join us at our live webinar to discover how to send, edit and catalogue media files in the cloud using a range of Sony solutions. Find out more.

    SRG SSR chooses third generation news production platform from Sony

    Swiss broadcaster chooses flexible, scalable network production platform to get its content where it needs to go seamlessly and quickly.

    Equipping the front lines of journalism

    Sony's cloud-based newsroom tools are empowering the fight for factuality. Find out more.

    Danish broadcaster TV 2 Lorry is gearing up for the elections

    Danish broadcaster TV 2 Lorry is gearing up for the elections

    Multi-platform news production

    Discover how we can help you engage audiences across multiple platforms with unprecedented speed and agility. Find out more.

    Crossing the valley of (development) death

    Re-engineering a news production system to become cloud native? Meet Media Backbone Hive. Find out more.

    5 myths about managing your media

    We crack five common myths and misconceptions about media management and archiving. Find out more.

    News Studio

    Explore the newsroom monitors, studio cameras, PTZ cameras, switchers in the news studio. Find out more.

    Live Production

    Networked Live

    Sony’s Networked Live ensures greater efficiency of production projects.

    Live Open Standards

    Open standards for IP Live production. Find out more.

    AMP VISUAL TV Sony OB trucks

    Find out how AMP VISUAL TV powers next-generation OB trucks with Sony.

    Visit our IP Live Studio at Pinewood

    Join us at Pinewood Studios and discover how IP Live can transform the efficiency of your production operations, now and tomorrow. Find out more.

    Network and Resource Orchestration

    Discover how to manage your live production infrastructure simply and easily.

    Remote and Distributed Production

    Run live productions remotely. Design and build IP infrastructure, workflows, operational efficiency with our IP-based OB trucks, IP Connectivity and an IP-enab

    BBC Studioworks choose Sony IP Live

    BBC Studioworks choose our IP Live Production System. Find out more.

    Media transport

    Discover how to transport your video, audio and data across any network, securely and in real time.

    Sony x Nevion Solutions

    Sony has partnered with an award-winning provider of virtualized media production solutions. Find out more.

    Hybrid Processing and Operations

    Discover how to share resources seamlessly between facilities and locations.


    Live Webinar - August 2023 Test Page

    Live Webinar - August 2023 Test Page

    Live Webinar Landing Page - August 2023

    Live Webinar Landing Page - August 2023

    VENICE 2 and Pomfort Livegrade Pro Webinar

    11th May 2022. Exclusive webinar and live Q&A - Find out more

    James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment to Shoot AVATAR sequels on Sony’s VENICE Camera

    New CineAlta Motion Picture System chosen for live-action principle photography.

    Walt Disney Pictures' Tomorrowland brought to life with the Sony F55

    Understand filming with the Sony F55 - as described by Tomorrowland Cinematographer, Claudio Miranda.

    The Life Ahead shot with VENICE

    Inside story on how VENICE complemented aesthetic intent. Find out more.

    BBC’s The Gallows Pole shot on Cinema Line with DWX audio

    VENICE, FX6 and FX3 cameras combine perfectly. Find out more.

    Celebrating female cinematographers on International Women’s Day

    Join us for an exclusive webinar with five talented Directors of Photography. Find out more.

    Michał Sobociński

    Michał Sobociński shares his love for filmmaking, personal tips and feedback on shooting with Sony VENICE. Find out more.


    Presented by SONY and VANTAGE FILM. Find out more.


    Live from Antarctica with NX5R

    Filming a 4K movie commercial, TV documentary and New Year's Eve live stream with the FS5 and NX5R. Find out more.

    Going live from the African bush

    WildEarth streams live from African wilderness using palm-sized PXW-X70 to record the best action in HD and 4K. Find out more.

    Rittor Music builds live streaming community with MCX-500

    A single panel discussion generated 3,000 views with over 800 watching live. Find out more.

    FX9 Tutorial Videos Networking and WiFi

    Built-in WiFi and NFC provide plenty of options. Find out more.

    Professional Live Streaming

    Get your message out to the world in real time. Find out more.

    FX9 Sody Live Performance shoot

    Behind the scenes on world’s first PXW-FX9 commercial shoot with singer-songwriter Sody music video. Find out more.

    Australia’s Cruise Mode Show shot with FS5

    David Mirabella explains why his flexible and compact PXW-FS5 on the Cruise Mode loves a Jaguar shoot. Find out more.

    Cinema Line Roundtable webinar

    Cinema Line webinar about the use of full frame sensors and much more.

    Fuji Rock's YouTube Music sessions

    Discover how Sony professional camcorders like the FS7M2 used to capture atmospheric festival in challenging conditions. Find out more.

    FS5 Shooting Tips

    Alister Chapman gives expert camcorder advice on getting the best image quality from the Sony PXW-FS5. Find out more.


    Museum Projection Solutions for Visitor Attractions

    Sony Projection for Museums, Art Galleries and Visitor Attractions. Bring Art to Life Today. Discover More.

    Planetarium Projection for Museums and Galleries

    Sony Projection for Planetariums and Visitor Attractions. Bring the wonders of our universe to life in 4K detail. Discover More.

    4K Home Cinema Projectors - Home Cinema

    Sony 4K Home Cinema Projectors. an Amazing Home Cinema Experience, Today and Tomorrow. Find out More.

    Visitor Attractions - Projectors and Display Solutions

    Sony Visitor Attractions Solutions. Projection and Displays to Deliver True Inspiration on Every Scale. Discover More.


    The Future of esports

    Sony brings the future of live streaming for egames championships. Find out more.

    Solutions for sports stadiums

    Bring the power and excitement of sport to the fans with 4K and HD live production and concourse solutions. Find out more.

    Press Centre


    Initial deal for a significant quantity state-of-the-art system camera chains as part of major business expansion and technology transformation programme

    Sony and Deutsche Telekom team up to explore next generation services for media and broadcast production

    Electronics and telecommunications giants collaborating to test new workflows for mission-critical live media production, harnessing the evolving power of 5G networks

    Sony Continues to Enhance its Networked Live Offering for Remote and Distributed Production with new Products and Capabilities

    Amongst others, Sony adds a new remote production unit for high-quality video transport over 5G [*1] and a software switcher for hybrid production

    NEP Sports coverage liberated by Sony MLS-X1 switcher

    NEP is deploying MLS-X1 modular switchers at three locations across the Nordic countries to level up their coverage of ice hockey and other sports through remote and distributed production.

    Sony at IBC 2023: Creativity Connected

    Connected solutions at the service of creativity

    Nevion VideoIPath orchestrates ground-breaking 5G contribution proof of concept at UK King’s Coronation

    Successful tests carried out together with BBC R and D, Neutral Wireless and Sony

    EMG Germany chooses Sony's XVS 6000 live mixer

    EMG Germany has put two new Sony XVS-6000 multi-format video mixers into operation in its studios in Hürth. Shown here: the ICP-X7000 control panel, which was also renewed in the course of the change

    Viacom18 deploys Nevion contribution solution for the TATA IPL’23

    Solution delivered in record time ahead of the start of the 2023 Indian topflight cricket season

    Sony Focuses on Imaging, Networked Live, Creators’ Cloud, and Virtual Production Solutions at NAB Show 2023

    Visit Booth #C8101 to See Sony’s Versatile Ecosystem and Learn About the Latest Products and Workflows for Hybrid, On-Prem, Cloud, Live, and Cinematic Productions