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You need your data secure without locking it away in an airtight vault. Our Optical Disc Archive technology works fast, scales easily and is far less sensitive to its environment than other media. So your data is safe and accessible, in a budget-friendly system designed to work for decades.

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Learn why ODA has been designed for large volumes of data, exceptional durability, simplified storage and reduced costs.

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Research and Development

Progress depends on huge amounts of information, from experimental data to lab notes and design files. Keep it all close, with long-term storage that’s easily accessed. Breathe easy, knowing your data will be safe will be safe and accessible for up to 100 years.

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Keep citizens’ data safe in a system that lets you quickly check official records whenever you need to. You can protect the public purse too: only add storage when it’s required, without having to upgrade to the latest generation of media.

Medical and Life Sciences

There’s no limit to the research that can be archived or the volume of data that can be stored for the future. From surgery videos to clinical trial data and more —everything can be retrieved, fast, so nothing slows down your work.

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Broadcast and Production

High quality video files aren’t a problem for a solution designed for long-term media storage. Whether you’re archiving footage for years, or keeping it near for non-linear access, this durable media is built to withstand both time and heavy use.

Banking and Financial Services

Keep customer information confidential and transaction data secure, with as much on-site storage as you want. Your compliance team needn’t worry either, thanks to smart management software that makes retrieving records simple.

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Digital Library Preservation

Preserve your most valuable assets, digitally. Catalog and preserve your literary collections, cultural heritage and historical footage to ensure continued access and usability to this invaluable information for years to come.


Create a fast-access vault for mission-critical data. Keep everything from satellite readings to testing data secure but accessible—whether it was archived yesterday or a decade ago. And backwards compatibility means this won’t ever change.

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Montclair State University

Montclair State University digitally catalogued and stored its library of event footage with Sony’s Optical Disc Archive system. Now, graduations, concerts, presidential addresses and much more will be safe for decades—and easier to find today.

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Case Studies

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N1 makes the news with Optical Disc Archive

Montclair University

MSU saves and stores most valuable media

A shot of Kindai university from the front outside

Kindai University stores personal genome data with ODA

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Hirota Eye clinic stores surgical videos with ODA

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Explore our customer stories and discover how ODA can protect assets and data in the digital era.

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