Maximising Payload Integration for Auterion's Drones with Sony's SDK

Auterion unlocks value for operators by supporting interchangeable payloads for different purposes while maintaining image quality using open-source ecosystem and Sony’s Camera Remote SDK.

How we helped
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The Challenge
  • To unlock value for operators, drones need to be more ‘multifunctional’ by supporting the integration of interchangeable payloads for different purposes – but without compromising on image quality
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The Solution
  • Introduce SDK to enable the seamless plug-and-play integration of Sony’s Alpha full-frame mirrorless cameras and broad range of Sony E-mount lenses into Auterion’s onboard hardware module, Skynode
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The Outcome
  • Auterion is able to smoothly upgrade its software remotely across an entire fleet, reduce training requirements, and develop diverse fleets while staying in the air

The integration with Sony was incredibly smooth and straightforward, while the technical development experience, including the support, testing, and provision of documentation, was excellent. It enriches our portfolio of solutions and enables flexible and scalable drone system development through open standards and an open-source ecosystem.

Lorenz Meier
CEO of Auterion

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Streamline drone operations with Sony's SDK

Sony’s Alpha cameras provide versatile solutions with low weight and high image quality, ideal for drone manufacturers and operators like Freefly’s Astro drone. Auterion’s Skynode connects Sony camera to cloud and automates image geotagging while Sony’s SDK allows for remote control of all cameras while in-flight.

Compatibility with multiple commercial drone environments

The combination of Sony’s cutting-edge camera and lens technology and innovative Camera Remote SDK enables next-level image quality and control for every commercial drone application used by Auterion, including surveying, mapping, inspection, surveillance, and public safety.

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