Improving Tchek's AI Algorithm and Processing Speed with Sony's SDK

Tchek facilitates the inspection and remarketing of vehicles. With the help of Sony’s SDK, Tchek was able to configure Alto AI to improve its algorithm.

How we helped
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The challenge
  • Support Alto AI’s image processing speed and standard to deliver an exceptional performance
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The solution
  • Deliver the best possible platform for common customers and create an application to improve the performance and memory of Alto AI’s algorithm
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The outcome
  • Along with improving the performance and memory of Alto AI, Sony supplies Tchek with high-quality cameras with an increased image processing speed, and provides Tcheck with after-sales support

Tchek highly value the support from Sony, and consider it a rare kind of collaboration. Sony and Tchek exchange feedback on the performance of the solution. As Alto AI develops into the future, our collaboration with Sony will continue to grow, and the relationship will deepen.

Tcheck Team

The essential role of Sony’s Camera Remote SDK

Using Sony’s highly capable Camera Remote SDK is the only way Tchek can control their cameras in an unattended system. All camera operations are managed from a central processor, which includes setting up the camera, triggering captures and transferring the images for analysis. Sony have provided Tchek with advanced support to help program the SDK and ensure the system remains stable over time. This is particularly valuable because it avoids the need to send a maintenance team onsite to re-configure or maintain the cameras.

Sony camera’s viewfinder showing a white car
Image of a colourful car

Improved digital imaging performance with Sony's SDK

Tchek regards Sony as more than a supplier: instead, it forms a critical element of their technical solution. Sony helps Tchek to deliver the best possible platform for their common customers, and to improve the performance of Alto AI, and has also helped the firm extensively to find the best way to operate with various types of images, hardware and digital solutions. In terms of the quality of imagery, Alto AI needs to be able to collect the maximum data to give an exact description of the vehicle’s damage. The more damage there is, the more Sony cameras show their capabilities in this environment.

Sony Alpha 7C cameras in combination with SDK

Alto AI relies on extremely high quality imagery and performance to work even more effectively – which is exactly what Sony Alpha 7C cameras provide. Alto AI is not directly integrated into the hardware booth solution. Instead, with the help of SDK, the booth transfers imagery to a separate server where Alto AI does its work.

Camera lens up close
Sony camera’s viewfinder showing an automotive setting

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