SI-R320S and SI-R320 (SIR320S and SI-R320)Discontinued

Integrated 4K digital cinema projection systems with SRX-R320S/SRX-R320 projector and Doremi IMB-SA server


Total 4K projection solution, including SRX-R320S/R320 projector plus Doremi Integrated Media Block and ShowVault server
The SI-R320S/SI-R320 is a complete 4K digital projection solution that’s ideal for medium to large cinemas and multi-screen complexes.

The DCI compliant system includes Sony’s industry-leading SRX-R320S or SRX-R320 4K projectors, matched with the Integrated Media Block (IMB) and ShowVault cinema server from Doremi Labs.

Please note that cinema operators should select the appropriate projector to suit their choice of 3D technology:
The SI-R320S uses the SRX-R320S projector and is compatible with the Sony 3D polarising system.
The SI-R320 uses the SRX-R320 projector and is compatible with the RealD 3D system.

These complete projection solutions are directly comparable in all other respects, apart from the 3D technology used.

The SI-R320S/SI-R320 is ideal for cinemas that wish to combine the immersive realism of Sony 4K projection with the Dolby® Atmos™ cinema audio system (Please note: optional license is required for IMB-SA server).

The SI-R320S/SI-R320 is part of the world’s best-selling 4K digital cinema projection family. Projecting bright, extremely high contrast 4K images with four times the detail of 2K, it offers cinemagoers a truly immersive entertainment experience. In addition, operators can enjoy a choice of optional 3D solutions to suit screens in most auditoriums.

Offering a total of 6TB storage (approx. 4TB usable), the Doremi IMB-SA is suited to cinemas that require greater local storage capacity than the 2TB (1.7TB usable) available with the Sony LMT-300 media block*.

The projection system can play both 4K and 2K Digital Cinema Packages (DCP). It can also play HD video via its Alternative Content input, automatically upscaling 2K and HD content to display a 4K equivalent image on screen.

The integrated system lets operators bring the benefits of Sony 4K projection into cinema complexes where Doremi servers are already installed in their other screens – thus reducing staff training and screen downtime.

* Please note: when ordered in this configuration, the SRX-R320S/R320 projector does not include the Sony LMT-300 Media Block or standard Sony 7” touch panel.


The most immersive, highest resolution 4K cinema experience
The SRX-R320 Series projectors provide true 4K projection that conforms to the DCI specification, with 4096 x 2160 pixels (four times the resolution of 2K and HD). The combination of an f2.5 large aperture lens made from ELD (Extra Low Dispersion) glass and Sony’s SXRD panel technology provides unrivalled true 4K images with exceptional contrast, clarity and colour purity. The Doremi IMB-SA includes a 4K license that allows full-resolution playback of 4K DCPs.
High brightness on screens up to 17m
Optimised for medium- to large-sized cinemas, the projector’s powerful 4kW Xenon lamp delivers 20,000 lumens to give SMPTE brightness levels of 14 ft-L on screens up to 17m wide (gain 1.8). The projector is compatible with Xenon lamp bulbs from a number of recommended manufacturers.
Includes Doremi Integrated Media Block (IMB) and ShowVault cinema server
The Doremi ShowVault server/storage unit interfaces directly with the Doremi Integrated Media Block (IMB). Installed within the FIPS protected zone of the projector chassis, the IMB carries out DCP decryption, separation of image and audio data and decoding of compressed image data. The Doremi IMB is customised to transfer image data to the projector head using the appropriate Sony image data format. The IMB-SA system includes a 4K license, allowing full quality playback of 4K DCPs and well as 2K DCPs. The Doremi server system is controlled via a supplied 15” touch screen, or remotely by the cinema’s Theatre Management System via a network connection.
Optional Dolby® Atmos™ capability
The Doremi IMB-SA gives operators the option to add a Dolby Atmos playback license for immersive multi-channel cinema sound.
Increased local storage capacity
The Doremi IMB-SA system includes the ShowVault-4 server that provides approximately 4TB of usable storage (6TB total). This high server capacity gives cinema operators greater flexibility to show different movies programmes for morning, afternoon, evening and late shows.
Displays 4K and 2K cinema files and HD alternative content at highest possible quality
The SI-R320S/SI-R320 can store and display both 4K and 2K DCI compliant cinema files as well as HD video via its Alternative Content input. 2K and HD alternative content is automatically up-converted by the projector to display a 4K equivalent images on screen.
Flexible Alternative Content input configuration
The SI-R320S/SI-R320 is fitted with an HDCP-compatible HDMI input and HD-SDI input as standard. This enables the projector to accept unencrypted 2K (2048 x 1080), dual-link HD-SDI (4:4:4) and HD-SDI (4:2:2) alternative content inputs.
Easy-on-the-eye Sony 3D projection with no flashing
Sony’s unique dual lens system displays 3D movies at their native 2K resolution. The dual lens combined with 3D technology projects the Left and Right eye images simultaneously to achieve crisp 3D images, giving none of the flashing issues associated with systems that use “triple flash” 3D image technology.
Comprehensive DCI-compliant security measures
The projector body structure forms a security enclosure specifically developed to comply with the FIPS-140/2 physical security and anti-tamper requirements as specified by the DCI.
Easy operation with familiar Doremi GUI
System control uses Doremi Labs’ standard GUI that’s customised to add control of Sony SRX-R320 Series projectors. Minimum training is required for staff in cinema complexes where other Doremi server systems are already installed.


Projector head
Resolution (pixels)
4096 (H) x 2160 (V)
Projector contrast ratio
Over 2,000:1
Lamp technology
Xenon lamp options: 4KW, 3KW, 2KW
Max. Light output (lumens) - SI-R320S
20,000 with 4KW lamp
Max. Light output (lumens) - SI-R320
21,000 with 4KW lamp
Power requirements
AC 200~240V, 50/60Hz, single phase
Power consumption (max.)
5.4KW with 4KW lamp
Media block input over LVDS x 2
1 x DVI-D (HDCP)
1 x open slot for optional input boards
None on projector head
Doremi IMB & ShowVault
Compression format
JPEG2000 (DCI) and MPEG2
Decryption format
RSA 2048 bit, AES (DCI)
Digital audio format
24 bits, 48/96KHz,Linear PCM
USB 2.0
Network ingest (via ETH0 or ETH1)
ShowVault-4 Storage
6TB total / approx. 4TB useable
HDD storage structure
Alternative Content inputs
1 x HDMI and 1 x HD-SDI (on IMB unit)
High Frame Rate license required