LED Video Walls for Manufacturing and Automotive

Transforming industrial product design

Designing reality

Sony’s innovative Crystal LED Display System is the compelling choice for large-scale CGI visualisation applications. Very high brightness, supreme contrast and wide colour reproduction allow ultra-realistic, immersive representation of vehicle designs and industrial CAD renderings.

An image of designers studying the design of a Mitsubishi car on a large Sony CLED screen.

Customer Story: Mitsubishi Motors

Crystal LED brings clarity and efficiency to Mitsubishi Motors’ design studios, helping designers visualise and scrutinise every detail of the cars of tomorrow.

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Crystal LED video walls for manufacturing and automotive, red car headlight close-up

Every detail displayed

Crystal LED offer CGI artists, design and engineering teams a super-sized canvas to display and analyse the finest details of a new vehicle or product concept. Unlike conventional projection systems, Crystal LED’s direct view display allows designers to examine and interact with images up-close, without the distraction of projector glare and shadows. The extra-large display is ideal for creating an immersive floor-to-ceiling reproduction of new designs from an observer’s natural point of view.

Real-life contrast and colours

With very high brightness, expanded colour reproduction and an unprecedented contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1, Crystal LED is ideal for displaying HDR (High Dynamic Range) content with exceptional realism.

It’s a major benefit for CGI artists who can accurately visualise lifelike, high-contrast renderings of vehicle interiors and fine mechanical components without losing shadow detail. And by displaying hyper-realistic images, Crystal LED improves the speed and workflow of automotive design by allowing designers to see their designs come to life without the need for costly 3D models.

Crystal LED video walls for manufacturing and automotive

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