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Get high quality results with Sony’s genuine Black & White thermal print media

Thermal printers work by pressing the head directly against the print media: this means that compatibility between the head and the print media itself is extremely important. With high-performance medical-grade thermal print media from Sony you’ll benefit from clear, stable, long-lasting black & white prints with excellent image sharpness, contrast and smooth tonal gradations. Ideal for ultrasound and a wide range of other medical printing applications, our genuine thermal media also helps to ensure the best results and extended working life from your Sony medical printer.

Find the best print media for your needs

There are three products from high grade to standard in Sony’s thermal print media line-up, which are ideal for ultrasound, dental X-rays and microscopy.

*The images are simulated.

An ultrasound image done with high glossy printing paper
High Glossy

UPP-110HG >

This premium high density A6 thermal print media featuring a glossy, hard-wearing coating that offers excellent resistance to moisture splashes, humidity and fingerprint marks.

An ultrasound image done with high density printing paper
High Density

UPP-110HD >

This high density A6 print media is ideal for a variety of ultrasound applications that require accurate greyscale reproduction of fine tonal gradations.

An ultrasound image done with standard printing paper

UPP-110S >

Our most affordable A6 thermal print media is an optimal choice assuring stable, curl resistant high-quality images.

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Count the benefits of using Sony’s genuine print media for your printer

An image of how printer head is cleaned

Ensure reliable operation

Deterioration of the delicate printing head is one of the most common causes of thermal printer failure. Sony’s genuine print media automatically cleans the head each time a print is made helping to ensure high quality results every time with a significant reduced risk of print head failure.

Less chance of white lines on prints

If the compatibility between the printer and the print paper is poor, dirt may adhere to the printing head and cause white lines to appear on the print. Sony’s thermal printers and genuine print media are the best match. You’ll see the difference.

An ultrasound image with white lines
A comparison image of grey reproduction

Smooth, accurate grey reproduction

Accurate resolution of fine image detail demands smooth-graduated reproduction of grey tones. Sony B&W thermal print media offers rich, natural greyscale images to support demanding ultrasound applications such as obstetrics where resolution of fine details is especially important.

Stable, lasting, fade-free prints

Other B&W thermal prints can suffer from fading and degradation over time. With Sony’s genuine print media you’re assured of stable, high quality images that offer clinicians a reliable hard copy document lasting for years.

Quality comparison of two ultrasound images
An ultrasound image with water drops on blue background

Resist fingerprints and water

B&W thermal prints are at risk of image degradation that’s easily caused by accidental moisture splashes or fingerprints due to handling. Our UPP-110HG high-grade print media features a glossy coating layer that’s resistant to water drops and fingerprint marks, ensuring exceptionally durable prints that will withstand years of handling without affecting image quality.

Minimise print curling

Some thermal prints have a tendency to curl, making it harder to review and file prints with patient records. Sony’s genuine print media features an advanced curl-resistant formulation for smooth prints that stay flat for easy reference and storage.

One curled and one normal ultrasound images on blue background
Printing paper sharpness comparison on blue background

Clean tearing with no jaggies

The specially formulated composition of genuine thermal print media by Sony makes it easy to tear the paper smoothly without untidy rips and jagged edges.

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