James Matthews

Filmmaker and Storyteller James Matthews has a burning desire for travel and exploration. Based in the UK, James is eager to learn and experience more as he uses his platform on YouTube to evoke emotion from his audience through his work around the world.

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James's Kit

My main camera for commercial work is the Sony FS5M2. The high frame rates at 4K are great for recording high quality slow motion which I am using constantly in the commercial space. I also use the Sony A7sii for more light-weight run and gun set ups when travelling. Being fast and ready at all times is very important to me when shooting, as sometimes you only have one opportunity to get your shot. An accessory I am constantly using is a Gimbal. I always have one at arm’s length when shooting commercial and travel work, so I can get the precise camera movement I am looking for.

My work is inspired by emotion. I want to evoke my audience to feel a certain way when they watch my films by taking them on a journey.

Space Travel

A young boy’s imagination is lead by his dreams of becoming an astronaut, he discovers something amazing while imagining his future.

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