DXC-D55WSPL (DXCD55WSPL)Discontinued

Professional digital video camera. 4:3 and 4:3/16:9 switch-able versions. With optional accessory packs.


Top of the range professional digital camera
High picture quality
The use of the new Power HAD EX CCDs, 14 bit A/D conversion, plus new Advanced Digital signal Processing, combine to deliver picture quality which is unmatched at the price.
High sensitivity
A high sensitivity of F11 at 2000 lux, and a minimum illumination of just 0.5 lux (36 dB gain, F1.4) enable the camera to operate in extremely low light levels. At the same time, the noise level of the camera is very low, at 63dB (PAL). When used in production studios, lighting levels can be reduced, with consequent savings in energy costs.
Simple operation
Simple design for easy operability
The DXC-D55 series body design is simplified compared to the DXC-D35 series. The 'EZ mode' setting buttons are now set underneath a sliding door with a see-through window. This helps the camera operator to avoid miss-operation of the switch while shooting. In addition, the type of menu setting switch and its position were changed for improved accessibility
Switch-able 16:9/4:3 operation
The DXC-D55WSPL is equipped with a high resolution 16:9 CCD imager, and can be used for both conventional 4:3 and widescreen (16:9 format) acquisition.


State of the art widescreen Power HAD EX CCD
The DXC-D55 series cameras include a new 16:9 format Power HAD EX CCD, the same as is used for the BVP-E10/WS series. Thanks to the superb CCD performance, the DXC-D55 series offers improved smear level of -140dB, which is equivalent to FIT type CCD.
14-bit A/D converter
The use of a 14-bit resolution Analogue to Digital converter ensures that pictures are processed with great precision. Compared to previous cameras in this class, which only offer 12 bit resolution, the DXC-D55 is able to provide more faithful handling of low-key and mid-tone areas of the picture.
New Advanced Digital Signal Processing
Another critical factor when assessing camera quality is how many bits are used in non-linear processes, such as gamma correction. The use of Advanced Digital Signal Processing (ADSP) built into an innovative LSI using 0.18-micron processing technology, provides comprehensive and precise control functions, as well as maintaining the superior image quality from the CCD. Thanks to this, and the use of a digital encoder, very low power consumption can be achieved to ensure very comfortable operation and stable signal processing.
Creative Image Control
The DXC-D55 series cameras add several innovative control items, to provide comprehensive image adjustments.

Knee Saturation avoids any 'washed out' appearance in highlight areas

Low Key Saturation maintains the colour of objects in the shadow areas.

Skin Matrix Saturation and Hue of Skin Tones can be adjusted separately.

Adaptive Highlight Control (Auto Knee Mode) In most conventional cameras, only a single Knee-point/slope is available for control over highlights. In contrast, the DXC-D55/WS series provides multiple knee-points/slopes to utilize the dynamic range of the camera more effectively.

Cross-Colour Suppression uses comb-filtering to eliminate unpleasant cross colour and cross luminance on fine details.

Black Gamma Control This is to control the brightness of the shadow areas.
Memory Stick system for storage/recall of parameters
The DXC-D55/D55WS incorporates the Sony Memory Stick system, enabling you to store and recall parameter-parameter files for individual scene or camera set-up preferences. The set-up parameter files stored on a Memory Stick media card can be transferred to another DXC-D55/D55WS camera or a RCP-D50/D51 remote control unit, allowing quick, easy set-up in multiple camera systems. What's more, the set-up files can be loaded to a PC equipped with a Memory Stick slot, enabling them to be e-mailed as attachments and applied to cameras at remote locations.


Power consumption:
Operating temperature:
-10 °C to +45 °C (+14 °F to +113 °F) 
Storage temperature:
-20 °C to +60 °C (-4 °F to +140 °F) 
Operating humidity:
Less than 85% 
Mass (camera head only):
2.2 kg (4 lb 13 oz) 
Power requirements:
DC 12 V (10.5 to 17 V) 
Signal inputs/outputs
Video output:
Monitor output:
Microphone input:
Other inputs/outputs
Camera/VTR interface:
Pro 76-pin Digital, Pro 50-pin 
Camera performance
Pickup device:
3-chip 2/3-inch type Power HAD EX CCD 
Aspect ratio:
Total picture elements (H x V):
1038 x 1188
Effective picture elements (H x V):
980 x 582
Optical system:
F1.4 prism system
Built-in filters:
1: Clear, 2: 1/4ND, 3: 1/16ND, 4: 1/64ND
Lens mount:
Signal system:
Scan format:
2:1 interlaced, 625 lines, 50 fields/s 
Horizontal scan frequency:
Vertical scan frequency:
Sync system:
Internal and External with the VBS or BS signal 
A/D conversion:
F11 at 2000 lx (3200 K, 89.9% reflectance) (typical) 
Minimum illumination:
0.5 lx with F1.4, Hyper gain (36 dB)/0.8 lx with F1.8, Hyper gain (36 dB) 
Smear level:
-145 dB (typical) 
Video S/N ratio (typical):
63 dB 
Horizontal resolution:
Vertical resolution:
480 TV lines (without EVS), 530 TV lines (with EVS) 
Shutter speed:
OFF, 1/60, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000 s 
Clear scan:
Gain selection:
-3, 0, 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36 dB 
0.05% (all zones, without lens) 
Geometric distortion:
Below measurable level 
DXF-801 Viewfinder
1.5-inch monochrome, 4:3/16:9 switchable 
Horizontal resolution
600 TV lines 
Power requirements
DC 12 V 
Power consumption
2.4 W 
620 g (1 lb 9 oz) 
Dimensions (W x H x D)
241 x 91 x 203 mm (9 1/2 x 3 5/8 x 8 inches) 
Supplied Accessories
Operating manual
Camera Head
Camera Handle
Tripod adaptor
External microphone