HDC-1500RD (HDC1500RD)Discontinued

“3G Ready” three 2/3-inch Power HAD HD CCD sensors multi format HD system camera with fibre interface


Offers 3G 1080/50P transmission as standard
The HDC-1500RD system camera incorporates high capacity 3G single link operation as standard. Part of the HDC-1500 series, the camera utilises advanced HD Digital Signal Processing (DSP) with 14 bit A/D converters. It also has a Power HAD EX CCD imager that creates high quality images in 1080/50P, 50i, 25P, 24P or 720/50P, depending on the desired final system output.


1080/50p and 3G single link as standard
Since HDC-1500 series offers 1080/50P from the beginning, the high capacity 3G single link enables 1080/50P transmission through a single fibre connection. The spare bandwidth in 1080/50i can be used to connect a second camera for 3D applications and ensures a permanent HD-SDI prompter line.
High reliability and operational efficiency
Thanks to Sony's experience in studio cameras, the HDC-1500RD offers secured and reliable operations with its robust chassis. The smart integration with accessories such as large lens adapter makes this camera quick to install and operate, with a very well balanced body of only 4.5 kg.
Wide range of peripherals
The HDC Series offers a very wide range of accessories from viewfinders to remote controls using Sony's latest technologies, such as touch screens and OLED panels. Every style of operation is covered and full compatibility with other Sony HD studio cameras makes your investment future proof.

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