IP Live Production Solutions

Sony is pioneering the development of practical IP Live Production Solutions for the professional AV markets that offer huge advantages for users.

Our IP Live Production Solutions enable professional AV streaming over IP. They allow you to harness the cost and technical benefits of standard IT technologies for full broadcast quality AV content. They can handle broadcast quality HD and 4K video, audio, synchronisation signals and control data across the IP network. And they are designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing SDI infrastructure.

Benefits of IP Live: From scalability to reliability to cost-effectiveness

Our IP Live allows you to add additional interfaces, making it easy to scale-up your operations as you need them. Because they use standard IP technologies, they also make it easy to support future formats, from SD, HD to 4K and UHD. IP Live also provides a very high level of reliability and serviceability, with remote maintenance services provided. IP Live also gives you lower total cost of ownership, making them a cost-effective answer for your operational needs:

  • Increases efficiency and reduces costs for live studio and sports production
  • Achieves reliable, scalable and stable transmission
  • Low latency and noise-free switching of SD, HD and 4K video, audio and metadata
  • Requires a single standard network cable passing through conventional network switches

View an introduction to the benefits of IP Live Production

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Sony and BCE showcase live broadcast of 4K over IP at IBC 2014

IBC 2014 witnessed another hugely ambitious tech demo from Sony, which showcased the live broadcast of 4K over IP, linking up Amsterdam and Luxembourg 250km away. Sony partnered with Broadcasting Centre Europe (BCE), the Luxembourg audio-visual technical services provider to send 4K 50p images to-and-from Amsterdam and Luxembourg using a 10Gb/s line. The pan, tilt and zoom of a PMW-F55 camera in Luxembourg was also directly controlled from Amsterdam.

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Standardising technologies across the industry

Sony is working with standards bodies including SMPTE, VSF, and JT-NM (Joint Task Force on Networked Media) to create a unified standard for IP Live. The IP Live codec is in the process of becoming an open industry standard through SMPTE.

Sony, in collaboration with some of the world’s leading broadcast industry organisations, has created the Networked Media Interface. This AV over IP interface delivers low latency and noise-free switching of HD and 4K video, audio and metadata, as part of IP-based networking. It forms the backbone of IP Live Production Solutions.

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IP Live Production supporters as of March 2016

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