Optical Disc Archive at Ecuador Arts University

Considered one of Latin America’s most advanced audio-visual production centres, discover how the Arts University of Ecuador is using Optical Case Archive.

The Arts University of Ecuador

The Arts University of Ecuador is a public institution that was created by the Ecuadorian government to offer its students a high profile educational centre for cinema, television and radio production, with the aim of enhancing the country’s artistic and cultural development. Today it is considered one of the most advanced audio-visual production centres in Latin America.

The challenge

The University needed a easy-to-administer system, with a friendly interface for non-expert users and capable of adequately managing the student’s permissions and tasks.

The aim was to provide students with real, professional tools, adapted to the broadcast market in order to give them a full experience of the kind of environments that they will face in their professional careers.

The company selected to implement the solution was VSN, a specialist in media solutions and a Sony Optical Disc Archive alliance partner.

The solution

The system relies on VSNEXPLORER, VSN’s Media and Business Process Management solution, with 70 licences for concurrent users, integrated with the editors Avid Media Composer, Nitrix, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere. It was also provided to the University an ISILON high level storage redundant system, formed by four X200 nodes with 24 TB each one, with eight 10GbE ports for editing, HD, 2K and 4K.

The robotic archive library is a Sony ODS with 130 slots and two drives, formed by a L30M unit with a L100B expansion module and two D77 fiber drives. All the system is managed by the Spider orchestration platform, developed by VSN, that allows for a redundant virtualized environment with four VSN Workers General servers for media transfer between different environments, four VSN Workers Transcoder dedicated servers for proxies creation, and three VSN Workers Carbon Coder servers dedicated for transcoding and format unification.

The platform allows for an efficient user and access permits management, the restriction of actions such as writing/reading/ cancelling and the defining of storage quotas, among others. The data communication system is formed by a 10GbE SWITCH that communicates every server, with two redundant switches with 48 GbE ports to which the client stations are connected.

The results

The whole system was deployed in a really short time, according to the Arts University deadlines, and the personnel received the necessary training to being able to get the best from VSN’s tools.

Students now can study, practice and learn the most advances techniques in audio-visual contents management in a safe, stable and professional environment, receiving high education with the latest standards available in the broadcast market.

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