The future of NUCLeUS™: our next-generation medical video platform

NUCLeUS connects clinical staff with any information they need—at any time, from anywhere. Scalable, intuitive and easily deployed, it helps medical facilities become more efficient and effective.

Developed by eSATURNUS over a decade and half ago, the NUCLeUS platform combines expertise in software, video over IP and operating workflows that allow medical professionals to focus on the patient rather than on technological complexity.

Now, watch Bob Koninckx, CEO of eSATURNUS, present the latest evolution of NUCLeUS and our vision for the future. Learn about the applications and APIs that will allow us to support, improve and transform hospitals’ workflows for years to come.

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Help ICU staff to better communicate and consult with colleagues elsewhere in the hospital. Developed when COVID-19 led to rapid increases in ICU patient numbers, NUCLeUS ICU helps even small teams to deliver expert care to patients, without delay. Critical care nurses can immediately contact doctors from patient bedsides, via video call. Clinicians can view video data at the bedside or choose to remotely observe from other on-site locations.

Doctor checks video feeds streamed from the patients’ bedsides


Share, check and annotate surgical images, live—from anywhere. NUCLeUS LIVE uses the cloud to add fully remote capabilities to our platform. Supervising clinicians can communicate with junior surgeons in real time, wherever they are. Postponed surgeries can proceed sooner, thanks to better remote collaboration. Surgical work can be more efficient, without increasing the number of staff in the OR.

Advanced applications from Sony and beyond

Give doctors augmented images and videos in a variety of settings, enhanced in real time. Our algorithms improve videos as they’re displayed, thanks to advanced analytics and machine learning. Soon, AI will play its part, as we work to build apps that support complex decision-making. Meanwhile, we’re investing in our software development kits and open API, so third parties can also build apps for the NUCLeUS platform, as we work to make it the de facto operating system for operating rooms.

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