Pro Mode: Professional settings for professional users

When it comes to business, we know there’s no such thing as one size fits all. That’s why our BZ35F series comes with our Pro Mode technology as standard – giving you multiple personalisation options at the touch of a button.

Introducing Pro Mode

Offering all the functionality you’d expect from a professional display, our Pro Mode technology also provides the ability to customise your settings to suit your requirements. Pro Mode can simplify your operations making this the ideal choice to integrate into a corporate environment.

We understand that our professional users want technology that is intuitive, simple to operate and allows them to create personalised, stunning visual displays with ease. We’ve simplified set up with a range of custom settings that will be remembered for future use, saving you time and effort – once you’ve saved these pro settings they’ll be in place for future use until you decide to alter them.

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Behaviour customisation

To satisfy the full range of customer requirements the BZ35F series contains specific settings just for the professional user. As well as the basic settings, which can be easily restored, Pro Mode offers a variety of customisable setups to get the most from your digital messaging. Custom behaviours that can be personalised include automatic power on/off on HDMI signal, HOME button customisation, PIN lock, power scheduling, strict App to prevent users from using unwanted apps and settings for developers.

Function restrictions

BRAVIA comes with some of the most useful and innovative behaviours. It puts you in control of choosing a default input, either HDMI1 (which BRAVIA cleverly auto-detects), URL or Internal storage app amongst others. Set your initial volume on power on, and a maximum volume to not exceed.

Function restrictions can also be applied for the initial input source, the default application and maximum volume and the ability to disable the HW switch and remote control. These have all been designed with the pro user in mind to ensure that our models are simple to operate, work intuitively and can save you set-up time.

Integration flexibility

Not only do BRAVIA models come with the option to import and export straight from a USB flash drive – they include a range of flexible integration options. Through our Pro Mode user interface our integration options are accessible, including Import/Export setting values, installation setting for web-based application and application startup settings. This feature allows the user to seamlessly choose how their application runs on starting up the display.

These features come as a base feature, but you can also control your BRAVIA via its application programming interface (API) — ideal for system installers to set up and display easily and flexibly.

One-step settings for corporate and signage

During meetings, presentations or even for consumer-facing content, professional displays can require complicated picture quality settings. And in some cases, this complexity can get in the way of your meeting.

With BRAVIA’s One-Step Setting option you can save your optimal display, control, power or any other function. With these preset options, you won’t lose any time optimising your display.

BRAVIA for Business

Our slim, energy-efficient BRAVIA Professional Displays combine bright, beautiful 4K HDR images with easy operation, extensive integration options and low ownership costs.

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