BRAVIA Web Platform Technology

Bright, flawless graphics combine with a simple set up and operation in our BRAVIA Professional Displays. It’s what your business has been waiting for.

Project your business’s best image

Our Professional Displays run on Android TVTM OS and are the ideal solution for a variety of business or educational environments. Forget losing time while you try to get the technology to work for you; business can run smoothly as you easily navigate our systems. The professional displays also offer an enhanced processor, plus multiple options for integration with other external systems, monitoring and customisation.

With the integration of HTML5, users are able to utilise the fresh elements, attributes, behaviours and the larger set of technologies that the program offers in the building of web-based applications. As select engineers are familiar with this technology, BRAVIA offers the opportunity of innovative display technology, without the need for upskilling.

Professional Display
4K signage

Easily create 4K signage

Our web platform technology puts everything you need to create stunning 4K signage at your fingertips. Delivering four times the pixels offered by 1080p, this enhanced resolution means that your displays will have incredible detail regardless of the size of the screen that is being used. Every aspect will be captured for your audience for truly effective messaging.

The broader range of colours with our professional displays results in flawless visuals that capture attention and engage your audience. This visual clarity creates an unparalleled user experience – yet achieving this is easy. Set up and operation is simple: establishing digital signage is as straightforward as selecting files or URLs of videos, pictures or web pages. For those who are new to this type of technology, we’ve prepared an all-in-one tailored solution.

The BZ35F series offers the free stand-alone digital signage solution. This low-cost option is managed by a USB memory, which allows batch import/export of settings. Now the usually painstaking task of setting up a large number of displays is simple – not only saving time but also minimising the risk of errors.

Lay out the screen flexibly with HTML5

Times have moved on from HTML, and with HTML5 you can create flexible content layouts with extraordinary graphics. The BZ35F Series offers built-in support for the HTML5 application platform. This platform will be familiar to web content creators already enabling them to create content without needing to learn new skills beforehand.

Extended APIs result in 4K video, picture and HDMI input that can be embedded into contents with hardware acceleration. The provided remote control is straight forward to use and puts all of this functionally straight in your hands.

For third party users looking to develop a HTML5 solution based on BRAVIA, we offer a fully flexible web platform which means you can continue to collaborate with ease. There is no better option on the market for reliability accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

BZ35F series

More than 100 REST APIs

With over 100 REST APIs built-in, you can monitor and control your signage from remote locations. Integration with external systems is possible; REST API is recognisable to web engineers, making integration simple. Above these basic control functions, we also support advanced functions that manage device behaviour.

The BZ35F series is compatible with a wide range of web APIs, which widens your options for remote control, monitoring and integration with external systems. This ensures that our professional displays can directly integrate into a wide range of professional solutions.

BRAVIA even provides third party users who are looking to widen the supported devices with a bespoke control function API. By integrating this function into their systems, they will be able to carry out the changes necessary for quality collaboration.

BRAVIA for business

Discover the benefits of our 4K Professional Displays for corporate presentations, collaboration, signage, video conferencing and more.

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