How to choose a Professional Display

With such a vast range of technology on the market, it’s important to know that you’re getting high quality every time. And when it comes to purchasing a new display, there’s a lot to consider. It’s important to understand what’s on offer; ultimately, how do you get the best on the market within your budget?

Choosing a resolution

Which resolution? 4K or HD?

In next to no time, image quality has come a long way. HD (720p) and Full HD (1080p) now sit in the lower tier of the market and 4K now leads the way in terms of consumer and professional displays.

However, higher resolution doesn’t necessarily guarantee a better picture. Each of our energy-efficient BRAVIA Professional Displays features 4K HDR technology giving them incredible colour definition, therefore improving image quality.

In a professional environment, where charts, sales forecasts, presentations and spreadsheets need to be reproduced in crisp definition, 4K displays a level of detail which HD simply can’t match. With a selection of our models benefitting from our 4K X-Reality PRO picture processing technology – it’s hard to find a better picture elsewhere.

Which size?

With our screen sizes spanning from 43” up to 85” (depending on region) there’s plenty to choose from, but it’s important to ensure the size of your screen is right for the size of your room, whether it’s a big meeting room, a small meeting room or a breakout space.

With 4K resolution, you need to be sitting very close to the screen to see imperfections related to the resolution. However, studies show that for an optimal experience, your display should fill up about 30° of your field of vision; when you want a more cinematic experience, it should take up around 40°.

With their sleek and contemporary style, BRAVIA models suit a variety of environments. And because we offer the same great features across our range, you can be sure that whichever screen size you choose, you’re beneffiting from the same BRAVIA experience.

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Is it easy to use?

Displays and meeting rooms are becoming smarter, but with new technology comes added complexity. And with time and efficiency paramount in business, we know you don’t want to waste time over a lost remote, failure to display or generally complex usability.

That’s why every BRAVIA is tailored for the end-user. We understand that features are no use if the user can’t understand the interface. That’s why each of our BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays features remote-less control and automatically recognises HDMI inputs to ensure that you’re focussed on your meeting, not on the meeting room tech.

What about the future?

Will your screens grow with you as your business grows? If, after you’ve purchased displays, you find out later that you need, say, touch panel functionality, you want to make sure your system can grow with you and that you haven’t bought into an ecosystem which will stop you from growing. Facility managers must ensure their technology remains up-to-date despite rapidly changing demands.

Scalability is key. That’s why our BRAVIA Professional Displays feature a range has a range of options which can easily be added at a later stage, including optional accessories such as touch panel options and add-on software.

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How bright?

While we may find ourselves adjusting the brightness of our phone screens to prevent it hurting our eyes, when it comes to professional displays – the brighter the better. High brightness allows the display to better to mimic the human iris and create a crisper image. Brightness is also key in larger meeting rooms where viewers may be sitting some distance from the screen.

Today’s displays are already significantly brighter than their ancestors. HDR is helping to deliver some of the best images available on the market today; immersing watchers into the widest range of available colour. And while previous active matrix LCD panels within displays gave an output between 200 and 300nit, our BRAVIA displays offer high brightness; some models extend over 500nit.

Which features do you need?

As display technology advances, the number of extra options TVs come equipped with are making them more than just displays. With such a number of features available, it’s important that they come with ease of use assured.

To allow ease in installation, BRAVIA displays include Pro mode. This will additionally allow easy customisation of display settings to suit different applications and environments with the new build in HTML5 option. We’ve striven to make creating corporate signage content through your display as easy as possible, and with features for vandalism protection and simple device management, BRAVIA makes signage simpler.


What about warranty?

The last thing we want is for your BRAVIA Professional Display to go wrong. That’s why we offer a three-year warranty and provide extensive support for all our customers.


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