HDR for Professional Displays

What is HDR?

HDR – or High Dynamic Range – is a leading-edge technology that has the power to transform the visuals on your screen. With this technology the whites on your Professional Display will be whiter, while the blacks will be blacker – all of the contrasts that we see in real life can be replicated on to the screen, for the benefit of those reading your message. HDR will change the quality of what you display with powerful results. It’s not until you compare an image in HDR to a Standard Dynamic Range image that you can appreciate what this means for your visual displays.

The professional benefits of HDR

Brighter, bolder, more contrast and luminosity – HDR for Professional Displays is changing your visuals for the better.

For some time, the focus for professional displays has been on the number of pixels – with 4K leading the way – but what if there was a way to squeeze every ounce of contrast, colour and brilliance out of those pixels? After all, thousands of pixels can still only produce an image as good as the technology available to it. But now HDR can transform those pixels into a thing of beauty, a picture so good that it’s as close to what the human eye can see as possible – with all that depth, contrast and colour variation.

Unrivalled brightness

Our displays are equipped with X-tended Dynamic RangeTM PRO – a unique technology that can boost the backlight brightness to give several times the contrast of conventional displays.

A sound investment

Our BRAVIA range offers a flexible choice for any professional user, with all screen sizes offering the same HDR technology. And as the popularity of HDR content continues to increase, you can be sure that your screen will remain competitive and offer a great picture for years to come, making it less likely you’ll need to upgrade again.

HDR with HTML5

Our cost-effective HDR signage solutions require no other hardware and offer intuitive operation for developers thanks to HTML5 support. You can combine text, graphics, video and live web feeds to create compelling visual displays that convey your message loud, clear and in HDR.

Why is HDR important?

HDR offers business users new found clarity. It has the capability to immerse its viewer with depth and vividness; vastly important for imagery and signage. You won’t have to worry about missing a single detail in meetings or presentations ever again as the wide-colour gamut (WCG) ensures the intensity of each detail is displayed in brilliant colour.

Discover our BRAVIA Professional Displays

Our slim, energy-efficient BRAVIA Professional Displays combine bright, beautiful 4K HDR images with easy operation, extensive integration options and low ownership costs.

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