FX9 Guide

In this series of tutorial videos Alister Chapman will be taking a look at the key features of Sony’s full-frame camcorder to help the user understand how to get the best from the PXW-FX9.

Now updated for Version 2 firmware

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Close-up of FX9 side-panel controls

Camera Set-Up

Getting started, buttons, switches and external connections.

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CINE EI example Edwardian scene

Cine EI

Achieving wide dynamic range with MLUTs and EI. 

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S-Cinetone example desert scene


What it is and how best to use it.

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Dual ISO demonstrated with two Edwardian scene images

Dual ISO

How is it different to adding gain? 

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Sony lens group shot

Lens Options & AF

The flexibility of E-mount and advanced auto focus features.

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FX9 with mobile phone

Networking & WiFi

Built-in WiFi and NFC provide plenty of options.

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Norway scene demonstrating image stabilisation with FX9

Image Stabilisation

FX9 supports both optical and post-production options.

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PXW-FX9 with wireless audio set-up

Audio Options

Two XLR inputs, plus MI Shoe and more.

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Night scene to demonstrate FX9 advanced shooting modes

Advanced Shooting Modes

S&Q, Time lapse, Cache Record and more.

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Front view of two FX9 camcorders

Frame Rates

The art of choosing the right scan modes and frame rates.

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Alister Chapman with FX9

16 Bit RAW

Maximise your post-production creativity.

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FX9 Eye AF in operation

Touch Screen & Eye AF

New usability features and scan modes with V2 firmware, plus V3 preview.

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HDR skin tones on FX9 with V2 firmware


User MLUTs in CINE EI mode, plus the new dedicated HDR mode in v2.

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Illustration of anamorphic operation with FX9

Anamorphic Shooting

Achieving this distinctive film-look with FX9.

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