MountainView visualises robotic surgery in vivid 4K 3D

Sony 4K 3D surgical monitors and medical video recorder are providing surgeons and OR staff at Las Vegas hospital MountainView with an immersive view of procedures performed with Intuitive Surgical’s Da Vinci robotic systems.

How we helped
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The Challenge
  • Hospital wanted high-resolution 4K 3D displays to share images from DaVinci robotic system with OR staff to improve workflow
  • Video Recording of 3D surgical procedures directly from the robot for review and teaching purposes
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The Solution
  • Sony’s 55-inch and 31-inch 4K 3D displays allow everyone in the OR to see what the primary surgeon is seeing in the robotic console in vivid 4K 3D
  • Sony’s HVO-3300MT recorder captures 3D video during surgery for replay and review at any time
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The Outcome
  • More efficient collaboration and workflow that extend out of the OR to enhance clinical teaching and training
  • Clinical team can experience the same immersive 3D imagery from the robotic console both inside and outside of the OR
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Interested in our 4K 3D imaging solution for robotic surgical systems?

There is immense value in providing everyone in the room with the same vantage point and vision. Everyone in the OR can visualize better- with more depth and precision

Dr Darin Swainston
MD, FACOG, Director of Robotics at Summerlin Hospital and GME OBGYN at MountainView Hospital, Las Vegas, Nevada

Now everyone can see in vivid 3D 4K in the OR

Sony’s 55-inch and 31-inch 4K 3D medical displays are being used in conjunction with the Da Vinci robotic system to give an immersive view of intricate procedures in vivid 4K 3D. The large displays let assistant surgeons and nurses in the OR experience the same live view that the surgeon is seeing in the robotic console. The combination offers clinical teams at MountainView Hospital in Nevada improved workflow efficiency and the potential for better patient outcomes.

“Traditionally, there has been a disconnect when assists or guests watch a surgery on 2D monitors” explains Dr Swainston, director of robotics at Summerlin Hospital and GME OBGYN at MountainView Hospital. “When you have a monitor in the room showing 3D, the clarity of the visuals blows the viewer’s mind. The assist will potentially do a better job if they see in 3D and guests coming to learn from the procedure can do better if they can see it in 3D. Everyone in the OR can visualise better with more depth and precision: using a display allows for more eyes to be watching. I believe this benefits the patient and reduces the possibility of injury or complications after the surgery.”

Sony's LMD-X550MT large 4K 3D monitor showing footage from the surgery

Shared 3D view improves surgical team collaboration

“The Sony 4K 3D monitor is adding another layer that helps everyone in the room and those observing” notes Dr Swainston. “One of the advantages of having the Sony 3D display in the room for the team to interact with is that they get to experience the same immersive 3D imagery as the surgeon sitting at the Da Vinci console. The staff can’t all have one of those – but they can have that Sony 3D monitor in the room that really matches my experience.”

Enabling improved workflow efficiency and better patient outcomes

Dr Alex Lesani is a urologist with Las Vegas Urology who also uses the Sony and Intuitive configuration for robotic surgical cases. “It’s ideal for your assistant to have the same visual capabilities as you have as a surgeon” he remarks. “Ever since we began using the Da Vinci surgical platform with the Sony 4K 3D display, I’ve felt there’s improved collaboration between the surgeon, the assistant and everyone else involved in the surgery. In my experience, the solution provides more efficiency and fewer frustrations, with the potential to result in better patient outcomes.”

Dr Alex Lesani, an urologist with Las Vegas Urology
Close up image of Sony’s HVO-3300MT 3D recorder

4K 3D documentation completes the robust workflow

Incorporating Sony’s HVO-3300MT 4K 3D recorder creates a robust workflow that extends beyond the OR to provide educational value post-operatively, as Dr Swainston explains: “If you’re presenting at a meeting, the people watching the recording can also be immersed in what we see when we’re operating, with the same depth you’d see in the console. Until you have that 3D component, you’re not able to fully appreciate what high-definition 3D brings to a surgical team, and to the field.

3D recording adds value to clinical teaching

Dr Lesani also sees the solution’s value in training and educating the next generation. “We’re a centre of high-volume robotic surgery, and we train residents and fellows. In addition, we have visiting surgeons come in to watch us and learn from our techniques. Being able to showcase and appreciate the same detail and depth as the surgeon sees is very helpful for their comprehension and replication.”

This education takes place not only in a live viewing environment but also through the playback of recorded cases. “Having the capability to record and broadcast our cases in 3D makes the presentations much more effective,” adds Dr Lesani. “It increases the engagement and interest of the audience and helps them be more in tune with the presentation.”

Sony’s HVO-3300MT 3D recorder with handheld displays showing recording in playback