SCA-S30 (SCAS30)Discontinued

High quality active outdoor loudspeaker for use with Sony's IP cameras


Outdoor loudspeakers can be a key part of a surveillance system providing an immediate response to incidents. They can be used to inform, warn and even deter.

The SCA-S30 is a rugged, IP-rated loudspeaker for installation outdoors. It has a powerful 35 Watt output from its own built-in amplifier for clear, high-quality audio.

Easy to install, with the option of wall or pole mounting, the SCA-S30 is IP66 rated for outdoor use


Active Speaker
Self-contained unit includes 35 watt amplifier and loudspeaker. Simple to install and operate - with no need for external amplification.
High quality output
With a wide frequency response and a high sound output (86dBspl/W), this is a highly effective speaker for outdoor use.
Easy to install
The one-piece nature of this loudspeaker makes it easy to install, with no need for a separate audio amplifier. The power supply is 24v AC for direct connection with Sony IP cameras. Speaker angle is set by simply tightening or loosening a set of adjustment bolts.
Designed for outdoor use
The SCA-S30 is IP66 rated and can work in 0-50C degree temperatures. It is able to withstand wind, vibration and other external stresses. The external loudspeaker housing is made from a high durability material to withstand impacts.