Experience greater clarity in surgical microscopy

With our imaging solutions for ophthalmology and heads-up surgery

Helping clinical teams see microsurgical detail in low light

Discover how we’re providing clinical teams with an end-to-end HDR workflow from image capture to display – helping surgeons and OR staff see every detail of complex microsurgical procedures, even in low light.

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Discover Sony’s full HDR imaging workflow for microsurgery.
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See more detail, even in low light

We’re allowing clinical teams to see more essential detail during ophthalmology and heads-up surgery. From image capture to display, our HDR workflow helps surgeons and OR staff perform complex microsurgical procedures with greater image clarity – even in low light.

High sensitivity, high dynamic range (HDR) imaging for ophthalmology

View finely detailed microsurgical images. Offering remarkable sensitivity, our flagship HDR microsurgical camera sees low light details that other surgical cameras can’t see. Our 27″ and 32″ 4K surgical monitors complement the workflow with clarity, contrast and colour of HDR imaging.

Eye surgery footage showing how our HDR camera is enhancing the dark areas of the of eye
Head up surgery with Sony 4K monitor in progress with a robotic microscope system

Heads Up surgery in true 4K 3D quality

Sony’s latest generation 4K 3D display is ideal for Heads Up surgery applications, allowing the principal surgeon to operate in more comfort and less fatigue having the option to look at a large 4K 3D surgical monitor and not looking heads down through a binocular microscope for extended periods.

Webinar to unlock the potential of ​Sony's LMD-XH550MD

In this webinar we will discuss how this state-of-the-art display revolutionises healthcare applications.

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Explore our range of 4K 3D surgical displays

Learn more about the full surgical and educational benefits of medical monitors with higher definition and 3D capabilities.

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