Powering IP Live

We’re making production more flexible and cost-effective with our end-to-end IP Live solutions based on open standards. From optimized use of studio resources to remote and shared production, IP Live from Sony drives workflow efficiency and opens up exciting new creative possibilities for broadcasters and content creators.

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The Challenge

Conventional SDI-based broadcast infrastructures can lack the flexibility to cope with the needs of today’s program making – from accomodating higher resolutions and frame rates to remote production and equipment sharing between sites.

The Sony Difference

Alongside a growing portfolio of IP-enabled products including system cameras, switchers, servers and monitors, Sony offers a proven suite of solutions for the management, control and orchestration of IP production resources.


The Benefits

Distributed production and remote integration allows more flexible, efficient use of production resources with opportunities for resource – sharing of production resources across multiple facilities from a central IP-enabled facility.

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Sony deploys all-IP production centre for SIC Portugal

Working closely with other key technology partners, Sony has led TV broadcaster SIC’s transformation of its programme production operations to IP – on time and on budget.

“We have chosen to move to IP after analysing all the technological options. Today we can manage our resources in a much more flexible way. Our goal was to think about how to be prepared for the future evolution of the industry.” José Lopes, Operations Technology Director, SIC.

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Facility Management

The Live Element Orchestrator gives you a central console for live monitoring and configuring your system and the settings for all of devices in the live production environment. These features empower you to share resources efficiently and confidently.

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Broadcast Control

Live System Manager (LSM) is a broadcast controller application that manages audio/video routing with full switching controls, identifying source names, tally setting and system maintenance.

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Orchestration and SDN Control

Driven by Nevion’s VideoIPath, you’ll find dynamic network configuration and control, SDN (Software Defined Network), and IP stream routing allowing you to build both dynamic intelligent networks spanning LAN or enterprise WAN connecting your production resources.

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System Cameras

IP-enabled camera control units allow seamless integration of our system cameras into an IP workflow.

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Live Switchers

Our XVS series switchers seamlessly accommodate mixed IP and SDI production requirements.

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Live Server

An optional interface board for the PWS-4500 live production server allows exchange of multiple AV channels over IP.

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Extension Adapters

Our compact adaptors allow signals from a camera head to be routed over IP to the CCU at another location.

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