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New technologies and stricter regulations are bringing fresh challenges to the automotive sector. With more stringent environmental regulations, manufacturers are under increasing pressure to deliver better fuel efficiency and improved powertrains, while meeting increased customer demand for larger model line-ups and pressure to reduce costs.

We offer a range of solutions for the automotive sector, covering everything from vehicle design and manufacture, to dealerships and race tracks. Our technologies are focussed on helping you maximise innovation while providing more efficient workflows and driving down costs.

Vehicle design

Our unique Crystal LED technology revolutionises automotive design. Comprised of a series of interlocking ZRD-1 display units, our solution provides stunning, totally seamless and infinitely scalable images. View finished and near-finished designs with real-life accuracy, eliminating the need for expensive 3D mockups, and get as close as possible to seeing the real, physical model.


With our award-winning BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays and TDM digital signage solution, you have complete control over your digital signage, from design and content to location and timing. And with 100 pre-set templates, a web-based designer and cloud operation, our solution is both easy to operate and cost effective. Plus, our VPL-GTZ1 and Vision Presenter solution provides an immersive experience for high-end dealers, making car-less showrooms a reality.

Circuits and testing centres

We provide a total AV solution for circuits and testing facilities. From network PTZ cameras, to laser projectors and 4K and HD professional displays, we bring enhanced enjoyment, safety and security to race days.


Engage employees with our range of corporate solutions. Create high-impact digital signage for common areas with our BRAVIA Professional Displays and laser projectors, work collaboratively with our video conferencing solutions and make presentations more engaging and informative with Vision Presenter, our unique presentation solution.

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